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New Year, New Hue

A new year traditionally brings with it the promise of a fresh start, another cycle full of possibilities fueled by aspirations. The previous two years have been quite difficult to say the least, and all of us have been profoundly transformed one way or another. Hopefully, 2022 comes to us with more light at the end of the tunnel, with the upheavals in our ways of life tempered by the continued endeavors of medical scientists and the natural course of disease and immunity.

Lekz Umali's Very Peri Ink Swishes

Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year seeks to inspire a shift in perspective to the more optimistic side of the spectrum. Very Peri is coined after periwinkle, a pale indigo color touched by subtle hues of purple. It adopts both the tranquility of  blue and the vibrancy of red-violet. With this color, Pantone aims to motivate us towards personal creativity and imaginative self-expression. From the soothing tranquility we had sought to attain in the midst of isolation and social distancing, we are now challenged to reclaim vitality and connection as the world begins to open up once again.


The Story of Periwinkle

Etymologically speaking, periwinkle (Vinca minor) also known as creeping myrtle, traces its origins to the 12th century English word parvink, which stems from the Old English perwince, in turn derived from the Latin pervinca. The related verb pervincire (“thoroughly” + “bind” or “fetter”) is descriptive of the plant’s nature, creeping along surfaces, thickly growing like a carpet, and entwining anything in its path.

Lekz Umali's Very Peri Journal Artworks

Periwinkle is also the name of a particular mollusk found along the European and North American coastlines. This appellation evolved from the Old English pinewinkle, which is traced to the way this animal’s shell bends and curves into a spiral.


Floriography, or the language of flowers, attributes several meanings to periwinkle. It has been a symbol of hope since medieval times. The diminutive and delicate flower represents faithfulness, love, and affection as well.

Lekz Umali's Very Peri Ink Swatches

It is customary to include these blooms in a wedding to signify the vows made by the happy couple, or as a gift to the newlyweds to plant in their garden to ensure a long and happy marriage. During the Middle Ages, it was common to see these flowers depicted in stained glass windows, as they were considered an emblem of the strength and purity of the Virgin Mary. These blossoms are likewise traditionally given to someone as a token of comfort and support during times of loss. Alternatively, periwinkle is also known as fiore di morte or “flower of death” in Italy, as wreaths were woven and placed upon the graves of dead children. During the Middle Ages, criminals destined for the gallows would wear periwinkle garlands on their necks.


In psychology, colors within the blue family impart a beneficial, calming effect on the human psyche. The gentler, more subdued hues such as periwinkle evoke amiability, hopefulness, and cheer. It is no wonder that these have been used in interior design to stimulate peaceful prolificity. Similar to its other light blue counterparts, it exudes serenity and freshness, and with that touch of violet adding elements of creativity, uniqueness, and intuition.


Celebrate the New Year with EndlessPens’ Own Very Peri

As fountain pen enthusiasts, we all know the sheer delight of finding an ink or two that inspires self-expression and imbues our writing or sketching with meaning. To aid you in your quest, we have created a list (yes, we love our lists, too ;) ) of fountain pen inks that represent this year’s inspiring color. I hope you will find one that energizes you to put fountain pen to paper.


Robert Oster Inks Shake ‘N Shimmy Violet Clouds and Violet Dreams

Inspired by the vibrant culture and lush scenery of Australia, these more somber shades complemented by luxurious shimmer invite introspection twinkling with inspiration.


Diamine Shimmer Ink Mystique

This dusky ink possesses an apt name, for its restraint that glows golden with mystery.


Sailor Shikiori Ink Fuji-sugata and Nioi Sumire

While Fuji-sugata or “Wisteria Purple” is an ode to another flower, its hue also embodies the essence of Very Peri, as its vividness signifies the dynamism of creative thought. Nioi Sumire or “Sweet Violet” leans more towards the blue end of the spectrum. It is a shading ink with a rosy gold sheen seen on some papers, and brings to mind the brightness of Spring.


Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki Shikibu Ink Bottle

Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Murasaki-shikibu

Named after the Japanese Beautyberry, this well-behaved ink astutely strides the fine line between softness and intensity.


Diamine Ink Amazing Amethyst

This fountain pen ink’s gentle hue is colored by the calming and cleansing properties of the crystal it was named after. Its shading, a measure of water resistance, and silvery-green sheen add to its magic.


Manuscript Shimmer Ink Ultra Violet

This ink’s darker shade is wonderfully offset by all that glitter. Imagination and creativity is enhanced by such a playful ink. Designed for use with fountain pens, dip pens, and airbrush, its versatility allows for greater exploration.


Robert Oster Ink Cosmic Swirl, GoGo, and Sydney Lavender

These three fountain pen inks hold nuances of the spectrum that captivate the eye and motivate the mind to embrace complexity and novelty. With such choices available, you can be as expressive as you want to be.


Sailor Manyo Ink Kakitsubata, Nadeshiko, and Nekoyanagi

This second trio of inks varies in hues from darker, bluish purple to more pastel, dichromatic ones. Each ink’s chromatography exhibits a complexity that gladdens the heart and fuels experimentation. Let your mind expand and express your individuality with these intricate colors.



Given such an array of fountain pen inks to choose from, it is only natural to consider fountain pens to match. Here are a few that would be great to celebrate 2022:


Sailor Shikiori Amaoto Fountain Pen Kiri-same

As with the Shikiori line of fountain pen inks, this fountain pen series is inspired by nature and the changing of the seasons. Kiri-same, with its soft violet body brings color to the calming sound of raindrops on new leaves.



Sailor Pro Gear Slim Color Fountain Pen Metallic Violet and Blueberry

The modern aesthetics of the Pro Gear Slim series is enlivened by these timely colors. Choose between the reddish violet of Metallic Violet and the deeper blue leanings of Blueberry.


Aurora Optima Viola Fountain Pen

Aurora Optima Fountain Pen Viola

Traditional design is complemented by vibrant violet chatoyance. This pen exudes both classic elegance and a stylish spirit.


Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen Violet

Enjoy this introductory pen to Pilot’s Custom series. This pen’s well-known engineering embraces the novelty of energetic color with ease.


LAMY Scala Dark Violet Rollerball Pen Special EditionLAMY Scala Dark Violet Ballpoint Pen Special Edition

Lamy Scala Rollerball and Ballpoint Pens Dark Violet

The Lamy Scala series incorporates clean and durable construction with a pop of color that elevates the overall aesthetics. The dark violet barrel lends sophistication to these pens’ minimalist appeal.


Lekz wishes you a Very Peri New Year!

May these Very Peri recommendations from EndlessPens help you begin the new year with revived hopefulness and daring creativity. Have fun selecting your fountain pens and inks to welcome 2022!



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Written by @lekzumali
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