I Am Not Artsy Enough (And That’s OK)

October is a month of sketching and illustrating, when various prompts are offered online. And the creative community comes alive, sharing their works on Social Media adorned with all the trendiest hashtags. But how do you take part in Sketchtober if you’re not particularly “artsy” or gifted — capable of drawing, watercolor, illustration? Is it just a month where you quietly opt out and resign to a mediocre existence? (wow, dark!)

Maybe not.

Sketchtober and all its prompts are a great way to express yourself and connect with other people. Here are some ways you can take part without requiring you produce several masterpieces:



The most obvious. Don’t overthink it. Imagine you are back in high school and you’re keeping yourself from falling asleep in class. What do the words make you want to doodle? What crosses your mind when you look at today’s prompt?

Faber-Castell Fountain Pen - E-Motion Pure Black



Words, prose, rants, bullets, maybe even a list! I find that prompts are also a great tool for journaling. It can provide direction to otherwise scattered thoughts.

Montblanc Fountain Pen - 146 Meisterstück Solitaire


Mind Map

Put to paper the natural connections your brain makes when faced with today’s prompt — a visual representation of the neurons that are firing. It’s not as academic as it sounds, so don’t be daunted. Have a look:

Montblanc Fountain Pen - 114 Meisterstück



You don’t need newspapers and magazine cuttings if you don’t have them. Do you own any plants? Have any of them let go of some dried leaves? What about your mountain of washi tapes just chilling on your desk? Now’s an opportune moment to put them to good use.

Parker Fountain Pen - Sonnet Prestige Sterling Silver


Try Anyway.

Honestly, maybe it’s just scary because you have all these preconceived notions about what you can and can’t do, what’s allowed and what isn’t. Maybe you just have to give yourself a chance. It’s not for them. It’s for you. And if you end up surprising yourself, that’s just the cherry on top of the sundae. Try anyway. :)


Join us this October and use the hashtag #EPSketch2020



Written by @micahfinds
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