A Guide To Caring for Your Rollerball Pen

Rollerball pens are similar to ballpoint pens in their mechanism but differ in the type of ink they use and the elegance and attractiveness of their barrels. Rollerballs use water or gel-based inks, rather than the thicker, oil-based inks within ballpoint pens. Their action feels more like the smooth glide of a fountain pen than the action of a ballpoint, which is less consistent, may require more pressure, and can skip or skid a little.

Faber-Castell Rollerball Pen - LOOM


Rollerball pens require refills and may run out of ink more quickly than ballpoint pens, depending on how often you write with them. Refilling is fairly easy. Simply remove the cap, unscrew the barrel, and gently remove the empty ink container from the holding section. Take the cap off the refill and insert it into the holding part of the pen, so the tip comes through the end. Then, screw the pieces of the pen back together. Knowing how to refill your pen is an essential part of properly caring for your rollerball pen.

LAMY Rollerball Pen - Aion


If the exterior of your pen becomes marred with fingerprints, dirt, or grime, use a soft cloth to wipe it off. Be gentle when caring for your rollerball pen. Don’t use harsh cleaners, as a little water or some very gentle soap should do the trick. Rinse the pen completely and dry it with a soft cloth. If you use a silver rollerball, you may need silver polish to keep your pen shiny and bright.

LAMY Rollerball Pen - Studio


Always keep your pen capped when not in use to prevent the ink from drying out. If your pen should become clogged, try rolling it around a blank sheet of paper as you would a stuck ballpoint. If it doesn’t loosen up and start flowing again, run it under some warm water. Shaking the pen can dislodge a clog as well. 

Empty your pen completely or install a new refill before flying on a plane with your rollerball. Keep it upright to prevent leaks and store it in a complimentary case to help contain any mishaps.

Waterman Rollerball Pen - Caréne


Rollerballs require some practice, as do fountain pens. You’ll need to find the right angle to hold it to keep a smooth flow of writing without skips. Rollerball ink doesn’t dry as quickly as ballpoint ink, which may cause left-handed people a bit of trouble with smears and smudges. Your best bet is to match the quality of the paper you use with the quality of your luxury rollerball pens and to take your time when writing. Composing a note, poem, or journal entry should be a pleasurable, leisurely experience, and going at a deliberate pace will benefit your style as well as your penmanship.


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