How To Put A Cartridge In A LAMY Fountain Pen

LAMY fountain pens are known for their specific design, quality workmanship, and providing fountain pen users with a good level of comfort. When one thinks of LAMY, ergonomics immediately comes to mind. You may have noticed that pens from this brand have distinct and secure grips. This is to ensure a fatigue-free and enjoyable writing experience for long periods. 

Aside from that, the LAMY design also encourages better writing posture and speeds up the development of one’s handwriting. 


These fountain pens have a wide range of ink-filling systems that you can use. Today we’ll be focusing on how to install a cartridge into your LAMY fountain pen. 


What is a cartridge?

A fountain pen ink cartridge is a capsule filled with fountain pen ink. It works by fitting into the back of the fountain pen feed to supply the pen with ink. When you’ve used up all the ink in the cartridge, you can simply remove it, throw it away, and insert a new one. 


Here, we’ll be showing you how to put an ink cartridge into a LAMY Al-Star fountain pen


1. Disassemble your pen

It is essential that your pen is clean before you install any kind of ink cartridge. This is to ensure that the ink flows properly and that there is no residue that may affect the ink’s color when using the fountain pen. 


After you have thoroughly cleaned and dried your fountain pen, twist or pull off the pen cap. It will then be divided into the cap, the pen’s body (the barrel), the grip section, and the attached nib.  


Completely disassembling the pen would mean removing the feed from the nib, but in this case, it is not necessary. All you need to do is separate the barrel from the grip section and cap.


2. Ready your ink cartridge

After you’ve disassembled your pen, it’s time to ready your ink cartridge. You’ll notice that both ends of the cartridge are designed differently. That is because it is during this step that you will identify which end is meant to be punctured by the feed in the grip section. 


For LAMY cartridges, it is the shorter end that is meant to be punctured. The other end is longer and is meant for support when holding the cartridge. This is also usually where most of the ink color can be seen. 


3. Place cartridge firmly into grip section

Once you’ve identified which end of the cartridge to place into the grip section, it’s time to insert the cartridge. Firmly push the fountain pen ink cartridge into the grip section. You may feel the feed piercing your ink cartridge to let the ink flow out. You will also often hear a popping sound that indicates that the feed has successfully punctured the cartridge.


During this step, it’s important not to be timid about pressing the cartridge firmly into the grip section. Your pen may be delicate, but it is strong enough to withstand a bit of pressure from the cartridge. You’ll know that your cartridge is properly installed when it no longer wobbles and stays firmly in place in the grip section.


4. Reassemble your LAMY fountain pen

Now that you have installed your ink cartridge, you can reassemble your pen. Twist the barrel onto the grip, cap your pen, and position it with the nib pointing downward to allow the ink inside the pen to flow. 


The ink may take several minutes to flow through the feed and down to the nib, so be patient. Once you start writing and there are no skips or hard starts, that means you’ve successfully put your cartridge into your LAMY fountain pen!


Installing cartridges is relatively easy once you get used to it. You may do this with other fountain pens from Pilot, Kaweco, or whatever brand you prefer. It is one of the most convenient ways to start writing with fountain pens and can make your writing experience that much better. 


Happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

Author: Ramona

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