The Best Budget Friendly Fountain Pens

As we hurtle through the digital world, analog has started to make quite a comeback. People are turning to vinyl records and turntables, film cameras, and, in the stationery world, fountain pens. It seems that more and more people are getting into the hobby, which makes the community richer and even more diverse.


One of the things that new hobbyists will look for is, of course, a fountain pen with a friendly price tag. Fountain pens are notoriously known for being luxurious and expensive, and to an extent that is true. However, just because a fountain pen is affordable doesn’t mean it compromises its quality. 


Here, we list the best cheap fountain pens that will certainly give you more bang for your buck. 


1. Platinum Preppy

Starting off this list is the popular Platinum Preppy fountain pen. It may retail at just $6.00, but don’t let this low price tag fool you. This pen is an excellent performer, using a well-polished stainless steel nib with an alloy point that is resistant to abrasion. This is what gives the pen such a great writing experience. 


Apart from that, it is also equipped with a “slip and seal” cap that keeps the ink moist even if it isn’t used for a long time. The pen comes in several bright colors as well as a black one for those who prefer to keep their writing instruments neutral. It’s easy to change cartridges to play around with different ink colors with this pen, which becomes useful not just with writing but also with illustrating, especially with the thin 02 nib.


2. Sailor Hi-Ace Neo

The Sailor Hi-Ace Neo is another fountain pen that packs quality into an affordable pen. Writers will notice how light the pen is when picking it up since it is made from a no-frills plastic barrel and aluminum cap. 


The nib is what makes this pen a great consideration for your collection. The Hi-Ace Neo uses a fine steel nib that is firm without being too hard and as smooth as you’d expect a Japanese nib to be. The result is a clean and sharp line, whether you’re writing or sketching. The best part? This pen only costs about $12.00. 


3. Kaweco Perkeo

The Kaweco Perkeo is an affordable fountain pen at just $17.00. It comes in various colors and, similar to the LAMY Safari, has a triangular grip section. It is less pronounced, which makes it easier for beginners who are just learning how to properly hold their fountain pens. 


What makes this a great Kaweco fountain pen is that it is perfect for left-handed people who want more control when writing. A fine nib will give you tighter and drier 0.5mm lines, while broader ones will give you a bit more flexibility. This is also a pen that works very well with shimmer inks, if that is something you’re already considering.


4. LAMY Safari

The LAMY Safari is arguably one of the most well-known fountain pens around, and it is definitely a favorite for many fountain pen aficionados. This inexpensive but high-quality pen can be considered anything but cheap. It is made from a very sturdy plastic resin, making it a little weightier than other fountain pens with plastic bodies. This gives it a better balance in the hand and a more premium feel. 


The steel nib on the LAMY Safari is also of excellent quality. You can also easily swap nibs for your Safari or between other LAMY fountain pens. It also comes in various colors, which gives it some nice personality that can suit whoever might be using it. The Safari retails for $18.00.


5. Pilot Metropolitan

If you’re looking for a pen that gives great value for money, then the Pilot Metropolitan is your best bet. Although it retails for a higher price than the other pens on this list (about $24.00), it’s well worth every cent. This fountain pen is very well-made, with durable brass material for the barrel. This gives the pen more weight and balance in the hand, lending to a great writing experience. 


The nib, as expected, is a real standout. It is made of steel and writes smoothly, rarely with any issues like skipping or hard starts. If you like to write with an almost glassy feel on your paper without any feedback, then this is the fountain pen for you!


The Bottom Line

If you’re just starting out as a fountain pen newbie, these pens offer great quality without burning a hole through your wallet. This just goes to show how accessible fountain pens are for everybody, regardless of the price point. Whether you’re looking for budget options or are ready to step up your fountain pen game, there’s something for everybody. 



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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