How To Choose Your New Favorite Pen

For many, the art of handwriting is an experience worth savoring. There is no better way to practice this craft than with the perfect writing instrument. But finding that ideal pen is more involved than walking into a local office supply store and grabbing the most expensive option.


There is a certain nuance to finding a pen that goes beyond merely signing your name and writing the date. Whatever your preferred type, there is sure to be an option that will feel just right when putting ink to paper. Here is some helpful information on how to choose your new favorite pen.


Pen Types

The first thing you must decide is what type of pen is your favorite. Each style uses a different method of putting ink to paper and has many pros and cons you can use to justify your final decision.



There is a good chance you have at least one ballpoint pen within arm's reach, whether you know it or not. They are so ubiquitous in junk drawers, between couch cushions, and under office desks because they are typically the most basic, inexpensive option on the market. The ink from these pens is smooth and dries quickly, making them a useful utility option.

One of the most significant drawbacks of ballpoint pens is how the oil-based ink can collect dust and congeal over time, preventing the pen from working. But this is offset by the fact that you probably already have another ballpoint ready to go in your pants or purse pockets if you look hard enough.



With a water-based ink perfect for quick transfer to the paper, a rollerball pen is another option when selecting a pen style. Rollerballs are popular among many business professionals because they are inexpensive while providing many of the same practical benefits to more expensive pens.

The biggest knock against rollerball pens stems from how easily they can spring a leak. It doesn't take long in your pocket for the ink to bleed through and stain your clothes. Sudden changes in pressure, such as in an airplane or prolonged periods of being held upside down, are two of the many reasons these pens are best left in one place.



Gel pens get their name from the ink that flows from the tip while writing. Popular in classrooms and office buildings since the late 1990s, the writing with these pens is silky smooth, and the lines they leave on the page create astonishingly vivid colors. Some artists create remarkable works of art using nothing but gel pens.

The biggest knock against gel pens is how long it takes for the ink to dry. This dry time can result in smudges and smearing, along with stains on your hand, if you don't allow for the allotted time for the ink to set into the paper.



Considered by many to be the best writing utensil in the world, a fountain pen is the standard by which every other is judged. These pens come in a variety of sizes, crafted from different materials, and with the option to select your preferred ink.

The big drawback to fountain pens is the maintenance required to keep them operational. Besides taking the time to refill the ink cartridge, you must clean and replace the nib, or tip, of the pen to prevent clogs. It can also be challenging for some who are learning to write with a fountain pen for the first time. 


Pen Attributes

Another consideration you should make before choosing a pen is to think about the instrument's physical attributes. These are just a few of the pieces you should inspect before making your selection.



The tip—or nib—of the pen is where the ink comes out. These come in many different widths and can be made from a variety of materials. The nib of a fountain pen is also important because too much pressure on one will cause the tip to break, rendering the pen useless until replaced.



The barrel of a pen is important because much of the weight of the pen is located here. Not only is the ink stored inside, but the material of the barrel can play a part in the balance and writing of the pen.



The grip is the part of the pen you hold while writing. A grip can feel good or bad in your hand, so you must find one that you are comfortable holding for long periods of time.


Type of Writing

The writing you plan to do plays a crucial role in how to choose your new favorite pen. Here are a few examples highlighting how the job you are performing can impact the best writing option.



For tasks like journaling, you typically are after a better-quality writing experience. You want a pen that will be smooth and allows you to quickly flow from one idea to the next. There is a reason why many who keep a journal always seem to have the best pens.


Note Taking

For note taking, you want something that can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Quickly finding a pen to write with whenever you need one is an essential job skill for many note-takers, making buying pens in bulk an attractive option.


Clerical Work

For clerical work, it is vital to have a quick-drying ink that doesn't smudge or run. This automatically eliminates many high-end pens that take time to dry.


Dominant Hand

For right-handed folks, the land of pens is their playground. But for the lefties of the world, finding a writing tool that doesn't leave your hand stained and the page smeared can be difficult. Some inks, like those commonly found in fountain and gels pens, take time to dry. Left-handed people should give serious consideration to this before selecting. 

Making the leap from dollar store disposables to the unrivaled writing experience of professional pens is easy when you have the right help. Our team at EndlessPens is here to help you find the perfect writing tool for the job.




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