Pelikan Order Update (December 14, 2020)

Arrival of Pelikan Gift Boxes is delayed.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and are offering the following solutions:



+ SHIP BOX LATER: We can ship the pen now, and the gift box later once it is available. No additional shipping cost will be charged to you. Only USA customers may avail this option.

+ NO BOX: Should you not need the gift box, we will ship the pen along with a $5 Gift Card. Both USA and International customers may avail this option.


We will hold the shipment until gift boxes arrive. You will receive a 10% coupon code for your next purchase, as our small way to thank you for your patience.


You may cancel your Pelikan order for a full refund, and no cancellation fees. This applies to Pelikan pens only. No other items in your order are eligible.


Please send an email to with the option you prefer, along with the corresponding Order Number/s. If no email is received, Option 2 will be automatically implemented for your order.


Thank you, and have a wonderful week ahead!


Cheers from the Write Side,
EndlessPens Team

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