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When it comes to making returns to EndlessPens, we are willing to help you out along the way and give you tips to be as successful as possible. We try to make the process seamless and easy, allowing for any patron of EndlessPens to make a return, as long as the return abides by the guidelines of our warranty policy. In this article, I will walk through the warranty policy of EndlessPens, hopefully clarifying any questions you, as our loyal customers, may have.

If you already have placed your order, before getting started, you will need to make sure you have your order number, the number of items you wish to return, and the email that you placed the original order with! Got those essentials? (If you haven’t ordered, no problem and read on). Let’s get into the details of the EndlessPens warranty policy!

To start off, EndlessPens has a one-year warranty policy for select brands. Some popular brands included in this policy are Aurora, Fine Writing International, LAMY, Opus 88, and Sailor. For the full list of included brands, feel free to take a look at the official warranty policy.

If you bought any item (excluding cartridges, converters, ink bottles, ink refills, lead refills, and paper) from one of these brands, you will be able to return that item within 365 days of your purchase from us at EndlessPens! You read that right! One entire year! Of course, the classic EndlessPens one-year warranty also excludes normal wear and tear, and alterations, among others. (See warranty policy for full list).

While EndlessPens provides our own one-year warranty policy for select brands, there are some brands that can also be contacted directly for their own warranty policies. TWSBI is one of these brands, and has efficient customer service. If your TWSBI product is having issues, email for assistance.

Another brand that we carry who has their own warranty policy is Pilot. For questions about Pilot’s various levels of warranty, contact customer service through this email address:

Overall, we as EndlessPens, vow to pack your various pens and pen-related purchases with the utmost amount of care and attention. Our packing department takes their time packing each and every order with love. We use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and other extremely protective packaging materials. Trust me, we use enough to warrant it being called a ridiculous amount!

I would like to thank you for joining me on this exploration of the EndlessPens warranty policy. Now time to go back to online shopping.  Go check the Sales or Clearance pages for some great deals. 



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* Not applicable for HopDrop, Clearance, On Sale items and select brands.


Written by Arlo Palmer,
of @palmerspens on Instagram

Author: Arlo

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