The Best Pens For Journaling

Whether one uses it to log daily entries about the day, create to-do lists, or doodle and draw colorful pictures, journaling can benefit anybody. Journaling gives us a creative escape into our imaginations. It allows us to keep track of our goals, improve our self-confidence, and reflect on the deepest parts of ourselves.


Having the right paper is essential for journaling, and so too can using the right writing instrument. Using subpar quality pens can result in bleeding that can ruin precious pages where you want to convey your thoughts. Low-quality pens can also cause smearing and rough writing, both of which can ruin the journaling experience. 


Finding the right journaling pens can be tricky, but this guide is meant to help you. Here are some of the best pens for journaling that you can use:


Best Fountain Pens for Journaling


Fountain pen lovers will appreciate the piston fill mechanism of the TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen, which gives it a very large ink capacity. Unlike fountain pens with cartridges or converters, this fountain pen will allow you to fill many pages without the need for refills. This pen writes with a fairly stiff nib, which gives it a smooth texture on the page. 

This pen also allows you to write with beautiful bottled ink in whatever color, finish, and permanence that you want. You can choose to write with permanent pigment-based colors like Platinum Carbon Black fountain pen ink or the shimmering kind offered by Diamine and Robert Oster. 


Pelikan M205

If you want a fountain pen that’s a little bit more on the higher end of the spectrum for journaling, then consider the Pelikan M205. It’s great for journaling because it feels robust and yet not too weighty in your palm. It feels very balanced for its size, which makes it easy to use while sustaining a precise performance. 

This pen is best suited for those who have average to smaller hands and gentler writing styles. Those who have larger hands might find the pen too small for their liking. Its nib is made of gold-plated steel and is available in extra fine, fine, medium, and broad. We recommend getting a fine nib for your journaling needs as it provides a little bit of flex and is great for those with smaller handwriting. 


Best Ballpoint Pens for Journaling

LAMY 2000 Ballpoint Pen

Those who prefer journaling with a ballpoint pen will appreciate the modern design of the LAMY 2000. Modeled after its fountain pen cousin, this ballpoint pen is shaped like a torpedo, continuing gently from one end of the pen to the other without interrupting the grip. 

It’s weighty enough to hold for long writing sessions without feeling too heavy, which makes it ideal for larger hands. It performs just as well, too. It lays down a dark line with minimal to no skipping and comes in various colors. The pen retracts with a push button mechanism and features a smooth refill. 


Parker Jotter Core Ballpoint Pen

The Parker Jotter Core Ballpoint Pen comes in a stainless steel body that is as sleek to hold as it is to look at. This is another pen that might be better suited for small hands because of its build; it may be uncomfortable for long writing sessions if you have larger hands. If your hands tend to get sweaty, then be aware that this may be a slick pen to hold while writing. 

The ink is designed for smooth, consistent writing as the ballpoint glides nicely on paper. You won’t experience skips or any hard starts with this pen. Sometimes you will get a blob of ink at the beginning of a letter, but this is more of a universal ballpoint problem than an issue with the pen itself. This pen takes any parker ballpoint refill, which performs just as well. 


Best Rollerball Pens for Journaling

Kaweco Perkeo Rollerball Pen

One of the reasons Kaweco pens are so well-loved is their unique design. The Kaweco Perkeo Rollerball Pen has an octagonal cap and a 16-edged barrel with an ergonomic grip. This pen is great for journaling because of the pen’s low weight, which supports good posture and encourages fatigue-free writing. The grip section is also very comfortable and creates just the right angle for the pen to have optimum ink flow. 

The Perkeo Rollerball is also quite accessible due to its price, making it perfect for those just starting out with journaling. The rollerball’s quality is impressive and smooth, giving writers a smooth writing experience for long periods. 


LAMY Safari Rollerball


Similar to the other Safari pen variants, LAMY’s rollerball is no exception when it comes to high-quality writing. Rollerballs are often considered the happy medium between fountain pens and ballpoint pens, and journaling enthusiasts will get that same feeling from using this particular pen. 

The ergonomic build of the pen allows for hours of uninterrupted, pain-free writing. Writers can use the M63 rollerball refill, usually sold in medium size and with black ink. If you want a journaling pen that creates a nice, bold, smooth line, then the LAMY Safari Rollerball might be for you. 


The Bottom Line

Journaling can be done with just about any pen, but having high-quality writing instruments can make the experience an even better one. Whether you choose fountain pens, rollerball pens, or ballpoint pens, these options will help you keep writing for more years to come. 




Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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Both fountain pens recommended for journaling are plastic. Sure, both are serviceable pens. I have several ECOs on my desk, and they’re affordable utility pens. But journaling requires a more robust pen—something that won’t crack it it’s in a backpack or the pen holder of your bag. . To me, that calls for a metal pen. My choices are my Waterman Carene, Graf von Faber Castell Classic, or Lamy Studio. A more affordable choice might be a Lamy Al-star. Robust pens with beautiful nibs (you can buy studios with gold bib or easily replace a steel nib on either the studio or Al-star) for a sumptuous writing experience.

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