The Best Blue Black Fountain Pen Inks

Blue black inks are popular in the fountain pen world, but they can also cause some confusion because they are similar to other black or blue fountain pen inks. So what makes a blue black (or blue-black) ink unique?


To be specific, blue black inks are dark blue in tone with shades of black or dark gray. It differs from a pure dark blue, which can be created using entirely blue colors. Blue black inks take the darkness beyond just blue by introducing colors that are black or close to black.


If you’re looking for a great everyday color to write with but find blues too bright or black inks too saturated, then a blue black ink might be the perfect happy medium for you. Here are some of the best blue black fountain pen inks that you can use. 


1. Pilot Blue Black

For those who want a simple blue black ink, Pilot’s Blue Black is a great option to start with. It’s a classic blue black that isn’t too blue, too black, or too dark. This is an ink that performs well, with no hard starts or skips even when using extra fine nibs.


This is a dark shade of blue with a little bit of black, which is perfect for everyday writing. Pilot Blue Black shows some shading, but this is more evident when using broader nibs. It also behaves well on most papers, and it also has water-resistant properties. Overall, it’s an excellent and simple blue black ink. 


2. Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai

Another Pilot ink on our list is from the Iroshizuku line. Shink-Kai translated into English means “deep sea,” which is an accurate description of the ink’s color. It is a pure blue black ink, with no traces of other colors that are often present in other such inks, like gray or teal. If you prefer just a touch of sheen to your inks, you’ll enjoy using this ink since it has a slight red sheen on wetter nibs. 


As with other Pilot Iroshizuku inks, Shin-Kai is well behaved. It works with any nib, ranging from extra fine to 1.5 mm stubs. It’s also easy to clean out of your pens, leaving no traces in converters or the barrel. However, do note that this pen is not waterproof. It runs and fades when it gets wet, so if this is an important characteristic for you, it’s best to stick with something like the regular Pilot Blue Black. 


3. Diamine Enchanted Ocean

Those looking for a little bit of shimmer will certainly enjoy Diamine Enchanted Ocean. In contrast to other shimmering inks, this particular blue black shimmering ink is more about subtlety. If you don’t mind a greenish hue to your blue black ink, then this is a great addition to your collection. 


Enchanted Ocean is safe to use in all fountain pens, but the silver shimmering particles are more apparent with broader nibs. Like all shimmering inks, be sure to clean your fountain pen thoroughly after use. To get the most dramatic shimmering effect, we recommend using Rhodia or Tomoe River paper. 


4. Aurora Blue Black 

Having a darker blue black ink is a must have in any fountain pen user’s collection. Aurora Blue Black is perfect for this. It’s a well-balanced blend of blue and black and is much darker than the other inks on this list. Not only that, but its opacity is quite high, which gives you a wonderful deep, dark shade of blue. 


Just like Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai, there’s a bit of beautiful red sheen that shows up with this ink. You’ll get some decent shading as well if you use a medium sized nib or broader. As it is a dark and opaque ink, however, bear in mind that you’ll need to be extra thorough when cleaning it out of your pens. 


5. Robert Oster Thunderstorm

Rounding out the list of blue black inks on this list is Robert Oster Thunderstorm. It’s subtle enough to be suitable for work, but it also has an extra hint of color that makes the shade more complex. Rather than being a straightforward blue black, Thunderstorm shows up as more of a smokey gray-blue in thinner layers. More concentrated areas show up as nearly pure black. 


What’s great about this ink is that it is very well lubricated and flows out of any pen quite nicely. It also has a quick drying time, so it’s great for left-handed writers. However, this fountain pen ink also has no water resistance, so keep that in mind. There’s no feathering or bleeding on fountain pen-friendly papers, so it is generally well-behaved. 


Blue black inks are a wonderful addition to any fountain pen enthusiast’s collection. Regardless of which one you choose, these options are great for daily use because they combine the best of both worlds: subtlety and complexity all in one. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through our selection for blue black inks. Happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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