Top 5 Blue Fountain Pen Inks

Of the many shades that color the world around us, blue is a hue that evokes calmness and serenity. This sense of peace and tranquility can be seen in the depths of the ocean or in the lightness of the sky. It can also be found in everyday things, such as the denim of jeans or the ink on a page. This color is second only to black in the stationery world, so it is no surprise that there is a great selection of blue fountain pen inks available for fountain pen users.


Here are the top blue fountain pen inks you can try:


Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki

Kicking off our list is Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki. Kon-Peki is a rich, bright azure blue that shows off a good amount of shading while remaining subtle. It isn’t a conventional everyday color nor is it office-safe, but many fountain pen enthusiasts enjoy its luminosity and depth. 


Like the rest of the Pilot Iroshizuku inks, Kon-Peki behaves well from the nib. Ink flow is just the right consistency — not too dry, not too wet. While it performs well in fine or extra fine nibs, broader nibs show off the qualities of this ink best.


Waterman Serenity Blue

Moving onto a work-friendly blue, we have a Waterman fountain pen ink. Serenity Blue, which was formerly named Florida Blue, is an excellent all-around blue fountain pen ink. The color is a classic medium blue that is appropriate for daily use. This ink is also versatile and works on almost every type of paper. 


However, that doesn’t mean that it’s boring. Waterman Serenity Blue also has a very light sheen that shows up in broader writing lines and swabs. The ink behaves well, drying in about 20 seconds with no bleeding or feathering. Apart from the ink itself, the bottle is also functional, allowing users to tilt it for easier filling when levels run low.


Diamine Sargasso Sea

Those who prefer very rich blues will enjoy Diamine Sargasso Sea. Named after a region in the Atlantic Ocean, the vibrancy of this blue fountain pen ink will definitely remind one of the tropics. This is a highly saturated blue that works well in both fine and wide nibs, though the latter will show off its shading properties more. It helps to know what type of nib is best for your writing and choice of ink.


Diamine fountain pen ink is known to perform very well. While there is no bleed-through with this ink, there is a minimal amount of feathering. It dries fairly quickly on Tomoe River Paper, but because it is so saturated, it might be difficult to see any shading or sheen unless you look closely. It can take some time to dry on other papers, like Rhodia.


J. Herbin Bleu Océan

Some blue inks are more beautiful with a bit of shimmer, and J. Herbin Bleu Océan is exactly that. This medium blue ink leans a bit purple and is more saturated than some J. Herbin inks. However, it flows smoothly and can be cleaned out of fountain pens easily. 


As for shading and shimmer, these are most visible using a flex nib but showed up fairly decent when used with medium and broad nibs. Dry time is decent, drying faster than other J. Herbin inks like Rouge Hematite. All in all, this is a beautiful ink to try for some sheen and shimmer.


Pelikan Royal Blue

Rounding off our list is a Pelikan ink that is also dependable for every day. Pelikan Royal Blue was originally manufactured with schoolchildren in mind as it is washable, preventing stains on clothes. Despite that, it performs well on many types of paper. It is also considered a safe and easy-to-use ink for most pens. 


This blue ink dries fast enough for daily use, with no bleed-through or feathering when used normally. The color itself is a nice shade of royal blue that isn’t too bright or leans too purple. It is one of the most respected fountain pen inks on the market today because of its long history of being tried and tested, making it a great addition to any fountain pen user’s collection. 


Choosing a blue fountain pen ink is anything but boring! From sky blue to bright cerulean and deep indigo, there is a blue hue out there for everyone. You can start by trying out the ones listed here and then branching out to even more exciting shades.


Happy inking, and happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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Other than Pelikan Konigsblau, I have none of these as “favorite” blues. I am a huge fan of Waterman Mysterious Blue and Inspired Blue, but not so much Serenity Blue. I’d have to say Mysterious Blue is my current #1 fav blue ink. Also, seems like you need to have a Graf von Faber Castell as a permanent ink on here. In my case, I have GvFC Cobalt Blue, which is very close to Konigsblau, though a tiny bit darker.

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