Fountain Pens of the World: Exploring Brands from Europe

When one thinks of European fountain pens, variety is sure to come to mind. There are so many designs that characterize fountain pens from this region thanks to the diversity of each brand’s home countries. Fountain pen enthusiasts can choose from more minimalistic and modern designs to more embellished and intricate writing instruments reminiscent of older times. 


Innovations in pen technology have propelled these European pen brands forward, some of which are the oldest-existing today. Perhaps not every European company can be given credit for significant contributions to fountain pen design, but many have a long and proud history of pen-making. 


If you’re a lover of tradition, history, and detail, then these European pens are definitely worth checking out. 


Aurora Optima

The Aurora Optima is a premium pen with many high-end features. Recently, however, Aurora has made it more accessible for fountain pen enthusiasts, starting with this model. If you’re looking for a great daily writer with a smooth flow and a generous ink capacity, then this is a great pen to consider. The Optima is as beautiful as it is functional.


One notable feature of this pen is that it comes with a 14k gold nib that is made in-house. This ensures much higher quality control than outsourced nibs. Writers will find that the flow is quite smooth but not overly wet, nor is it too dry. Those who prefer pens with a more moderate flow will enjoy using the Optima. It also features an ebonite feed, which is individually heat-set to the nib and contributes to excellent ink flow.


If you’re looking for a high-quality fountain pen that is balanced in its performance, then the Aurora Optima is a great choice.


Pelikan Souverän M400

When it comes to European pens, the fountain pen community is all praises for Pelikan. If you’re a writer that prefers consistent, firm, wet, and broad writing nibs, then you will enjoy this pen. The piston mechanism is super smooth as well with a great ink capacity for long periods of uninterrupted writing.


While some European pens may feel too large for everyday writing, the Souverän comes in a series of different sizes to suit your preferences. We would recommend trying out the M400 as it is a good medium size with a light weight that makes it easy to handle, whether posted or not. The threads on the pen are very smooth, and the pen body is beautifully polished. 


If you’re a fan of vintage-looking sleek designs with just a bit of detail while getting an excellent writing experience, then this pen is for you. 


Leonardo Momento Zero

The Momento Zero is a fountain pen produced by the Leonardo Officina Italiana brand. Those who are looking for newer European brands that take their inspiration from vintage fountain pens will enjoy using this model. The first Momento Zero model was launched in 2018 and comes in five regular colors, excluding other special editions and limited releases.


The Momento Zero is a full-sized fountain pen made of high-quality resin. Its vintage shape and tapered grip gives writers a comfortable writing experience. It is also quite well-balanced, whether you prefer writing posted or unposted. The cartridge-converter ink filling mechanism is designed to have a secure fit to prevent ink spills. The wonderful thing about this pen is how well it writes out of the box, smooth and wet without any priming or modification. It may be one of the smoothest nibs you’ll try.


Waterman Expert

The Waterman Expert is sometimes said to be an underrated pen, and it isn’t featured as often as other models from the brand. One of the older models from the line, it can be easily overlooked. 


However, the Expert boasts a solid writing experience. It is a solid and comfortable pen that provides fountain pen users with a consistent performance. The pen itself is nothing particularly fancy. The cigar-shaped design has a cartridge-converter ink filling system with a pull-off cap. The nib is made of a bi-colored steel, and the section is just large enough to grip comfortably. 


Those looking for a reliable, quality pen at a decent price range may consider this one. 


The Bottom Line

European fountain pens are rich in history as shown in the variety of designs and how brands and pen models have stood the test of time. There is a vast selection of brands that you can choose from when looking at pens from this region. Whether you choose a pen from this list or other pen manufacturers such as Faber-Castell and Montegrappa, you’re sure to have a rich writing experience. 



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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