Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z

Knowing which fountain pen to buy can be challenging with so many brands on the market. Having a guide on which brand offers what can be extremely useful, especially for those who are just starting out in their stationery hobby. This is why we’ve put together this list of fountain pen brands that everybody needs to know about. Learn more about the different fountain pen brands here.


Why Brand Matters

Choosing a fountain pen goes beyond its mere functionality. It’s about style, craftsmanship, and the pen’s personal connection to us when we write. Each brand embodies a unique legacy, design philosophy, and quality standard. Whether it's the precision of nibs, material selection, or aesthetic nuances, your chosen fountain pen becomes an extension of your identity. 

Here are the fountain pen brands you need to know about from A to Z. 


Fountain Pen Brands from A to Z



The brand Aurora has stood for excellence, style, and exquisite Italian craftsmanship for more than a century. Try the 88 and Optima for your next writing, calligraphy, or art project. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - BENU Briolette Fountain Pen
BENU Briolette Fountain Pen in Luminous Orchid


BENU pens are instantly recognizable thanks to their dynamic shape and bold style, which have been in production since 2016. These pens are made from high-quality metals and acrylics with gold and steel nibs for a one-of-a-kind writing experience. Choose from various BENU fountain pens, such as the Briolette or the Talisman.


Caran D’Ache

Since 1924, Caran d’Ache has been the hallmark of Swiss quality in pens. It was founded in Geneva and is still the only Swiss manufacturer of fine writing instruments. Their Caran d’Ache and Léman fountain pens stand out as their most popular. 



Conklin is regarded as one of the most noteworthy and innovative manufacturers in the golden era of fountain pens since 1898. Today, pen experts worldwide hold this brand in high regard, particularly the Conklin All-American fountain pen and the Conklin Duragraph. 


Conway Stewart

Conway Stewart’s objective since its founding in 1905 in London has always been to produce elegant, timelessly beautiful, and functional writing instruments. Each is fitted with an 18-karat standard gold nib. These pens were also famously used by Winston Churchill during the Second World War, and now there are over 100 different colors and ranges to choose from, including the famous Churchill model. 



Cross is one of the most popular pen brands in the world. While they are known for more expensive, intricate, and elegant designs that use high-quality materials with premium craftsmanship and attention to detail, they are still in very high demand due to the affordability and reliability of some pen models. The Peerless 125 is one of the most popular fountain pens made by Cross. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - CYPRESS Ravishing A-CE08 Fountain Pen


Hailing from Taiwan, CYPRESS produces exquisite, handmade pens perfect for everyday writing. Their unique designs make wonderful collector’s items and gifts as well. If you are looking for the perfect balance of luxury and class in your writing instruments, then try the CYPRESS fountain pen in Ravishing A-CE08. 



Manufactured in 1922 in Germany, Diplomat prides itself on using traditional methods of craftsmanship to create high-quality fountain pens. Made with metal and acrylics and fitted with steel and gold nibs, these fountain pens are beautifully made for wordsmithing and artistic endeavors. Try the Aero or the Excellence models for your daily needs. 


Edison Pen Co.

Edison Pen Co. is known across the USA for producing exceptionally crafted fountain pens by hand. Founded in 2007, the company produces popular fountain pen models, including the Edison Menlo and the Edison Collier. 



Esterbrook was established in 1858 and renewed in 2018 with a dedication to the modern writer and high regard for the past. Known as one of the leading manufacturers of steel pens, Esterbrook quickly became one of the most recognized trademarks in the United States at the time. Try out the Esterbrook Estie for your writing needs.



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Fountain Pen


Graf von Faber-Castell was founded in Germany in 1761 and is known to produce some of the best fine writing instruments on the market today. Their pens are beautiful to look, comfortable to hold, and a pleasure to write with. They also offer a wide variety of fountain pens with different nib sizes. You can’t go wrong with the Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic fountain pen. 


Fine Writing International

Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Fine Writing International Demonstrator Fountain Pen


Another brand from Taiwan, Fine Writing International encourages fountain pen users to rediscover the joy and touch of writing with their fine writing instruments. This brand works closely with local craftsmen to produce handmade, classical fountain pens through local crafts and materials. Try the Fine Writing International fountain pens in the Demonstrator or the Fenestro for your next writing venture. 



Kasama is a small brand that comes from the Philippines. Offering individually handcrafted fountain pens, writers are sure to get unique and original writing instruments from this company. You can’t go wrong with their Kasama Una and Tala fountain pens. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen


Kaweco started as a dip pen brand in 1883 when gentlemen Luce and Enßlen founded “Heidelberger Federhalter Fabrik,” or the Heidelberg Dip Pen Factory. The company has produced high-quality writing instruments since then, including today’s popular Kaweco Sport fountain pen, which is revered by pen enthusiasts and everyday users alike. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Kilk Celestial Blue & Black Fountain Pen


Kilk is a specialized store that makes stunning writing instruments with qualities that pen collectors and writing aficionados worldwide desire: exquisite craftsmanship, a love for the skill of pen-making, and a commitment to providing only the best goods. It bears the classically ornate and elegant hallmarks of Turkish design. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Laban Sun Fountain Pen


Laban was founded in 1981 in Taiwan. The company’s founder, John, and his team built a stable foundation by using OEM manufacturing to produce high-quality silver-plated and rhodium-plated writing instruments. This brand is recognized as one of the foremost OEM suppliers and a world-famous pen brand. Their Laban fountain pen line boasts many colors suitable for any writer. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - LAMY Safari Deelittle Fountain Pen


LAMY was founded in Germany in 1930 and has produced excellent writing instruments since its inception. Today, they are known for their high-quality innovative designs. Get the most out of your LAMY experience by trying the LAMY 2000 or the Safari.


Leonardo Officina Italiana

Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Fountain Pen


Leonardo Officina Italiana is a brand that celebrates the finest that Italy has to offer. Each pen represents the country’s landscape, waters, films, art, and history from ancient times to the present day. This brand has over 45 years of experience in creating fine writing instruments, passed down from generation to generation. The Momento Zero or the Momento Zero Grande Leondardo fountain pens are sure to find their places in your collection.


Magna Carta

Magna Carta as a brand has ensured their fountain pens are a masterpiece of design and precision. Everything is made in-house to exacting standards, including manufacturing materials for the barrels, nibs, and feeds. The Mag 600 is definitely one to try from this luxury line of fountain pens.



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Manuscript ML1856 Red Storm Fountain Pen


Manuscript is a global brand that combines heritage and design, producing quality writing instruments that are loved all over the world. Beginners and professionals alike enjoy writing with Manuscript fountain pens, especially the ML1856 models.



Montblanc was established in 1906 and are known for their exquisite, high-quality writing instruments. The brand is often considered synonymous with luxury, as fountain pens are created with meticulous care and attention to detail. Many fountain pen users have loved the Meisterstück 149 for everyday writing. 



Montgrappa has been making fountain pens in the same historic factory building along the bank of the River Brenta since 1912. Their fountain pens possess a unique, heirloom-quality and are prized by collectors and writing enthusiasts alike. Popular Montegrappa fountain pens include the Elmo and the Parola. 



Monteverde is a brand that offers high-quality, elegant fountain pens that are made from combining the finest European materials with state-of-the-art technologies. They are famous for their Regatta and Innova fountain pens, both excellent additions to any fountain pen enthusiast’s collection. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Nahvalur Nautilus Fountain Pen


Nahvalur fountain pens are a new breed of writing instrument with their artistic beauty and elegance. All nibs are made in-house to ensure quality and precision to deliver a quality writing experience each and every time. There are many versions of the Nautilus Nahvalur fountain pen that you can try. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Namiki Yukari Pine Needle Fountain Pen


Namiki is a Japanese brand owned by Pilot known for its handmade designs called maki-e, a Japanese lacquerware craft with a wide range of fine and decorative arts. These are combined with Urushi-based lacquers to create luxury writing instruments. 


Nettuno 1911

Nettuno is an Italian brand with a long history, founded in Naples in 1911. Their luxury pens are handcrafted in hand-turned acrylic resin that is inspired by the colors of the Italian coastline. The Nettuno 1911 fountain pen is one to try for this brand. 


Opus 88 

Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Opus 88 Mini Pocket Fountain Pen


Opus 88 is a brand from Taiwan famous for high-quality eyedropper fountain pens. For over two decades, founder Michael Hsu worked to get today’s Opus 88 fountain pens up to his exacting standards. Choose from any of their high-capacity eyedropper fountain pens. 


Otto Hutt

Otto Hutt from Germany is known for high-quality writing instruments that are all about individuality and precision. Their fountain pens have clear shapes and aesthetic designs inspired by the ideals of the Bauhaus, giving them their unique style. The Design 07 is a favorite among fountain pen users. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Parker Duofold Classic Centennial Fountain Pen


Parker Pen Company is a brand that has been in business for over 130 years, pioneering and innovating its unique style and world-renowned craftsmanship of fine pens. They are most famous for dependable quality, precision writing, and prestigious style. The Duofold Classic is one of their most popular pens. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Pelikan M600 Fountain Pen


German brand Pelikan is a world-renowned fountain pen manufacturer. They are known for their traditional quality, craftsmanship, and elegant designs since 1838 and considered one of the best manufacturers in the industry. Choose from the M-series Pelikan fountain pens, from the M200 to the M1000. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen


Pilot is one of the most well-known pen brands in the entire world. They are famous for producing exceptional fountain pens with a long-standing tradition of Japanese craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their Custom 823 is one of their flagship fountain pens that is worth having in any collection. 


Platinum Pen Company

Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen


Platinum Pen Company was established in 1919 and is well known for using some of the finest raw materials and engineering knowledge for fountain pens. They developed the Slip and Seal technology in fountain pens to prevent them from drying out even after a long period of no use. The Century 3776 is one of Platinum’s most prominent fountain pen models. 


Retro 51

Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Retro51 Tornado Stealth Fountain Pen


Founded in 1990, Retro 51 focused on creating unique stationery and fine writing instruments. Their fountain pens are perfect for everyday use and make excellent gifts. The Retro 51 Tornado is a great pen to have in your collection. 



Rotring was established in 1928 and is known for being a leader in technical drawing pens designed for precision. They followed the Bauhaus movement, integrating minimalism and technology into their designs. The Rotring 600 fountain pen is one of the brand’s most popular offerings. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Sailor 1911 Standard Fountain Pen


Since 1911, Sailor Pens has become one of the world's most popular fine writing instrument brands. It was the very first company to produce fountain pens in Japan and is known for its commitment to precision, detail, and consistency in quality. The 1911 Standard and Large are the most popular Sailor fountain pen models. 



Sheaffer is a brand that ensures its pens are beautifully crafted and made for expression. Since 1912, its celebrated designs have been backed by the Sheaffer White Dot, a symbol of quality, prestige, and performance. Today, the Legacy Heritage is the company’s flagship fountain pen. 


S.T. Dupont 

S.T. Dupont has been making luxury fountain pens and other accessories for over 150 years. Each pen is hand-assembled in France, ensuring that it is held to the highest standards in terms of production. They are known to create reliable fountain pens you’ll use for years. Get the Line D flagship fountain pen from this brand for your collection. 



Taccia is a brand that was founded on the core belief that fountain pens should be stylish, affordable, and well-built. It strives to develop pens for everyone, regardless of age, gender, and background. Pens are the perfect accessory, according to this brand. The Miyabi Maki-e is a current favorite of many writers around the world. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Tibaldi Bononia Fountain Pen
Tibaldi Bononia Fountain Pen


Tibaldi is an authentically Italian brand established in 1916 by Giuseppe Tibaldi in Florence. They produce fountain pens that utilize stainless steel nibs and ebonite feeds with the greatest attention to detail and quality. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain Pen


TWSBI is a Taiwanese brand known for its high-capacity and colorful designs. They are also popular fountain pens because of their affordability without sacrificing quality. Many fountain pen lovers love the TWSBI Eco and Diamond, among other models.



Hailing from Florence, Italy, Visconti is famous for its ornate, elegant fountain pens that are unparalleled in design and quality. Atelier pens are designed by master craftsmen, whose skills are combined with the use of state-of-the-art technology to create custom-made pens. The Divinia and the Opera Master are two of this company’s highlights in their line-up of fine fountain pens. 



Fountain Pen Brands: A Comprehensive List from A to Z - Waterman Caréne Deluxe Fountain Pen


Since 1883, Waterman fountain pens have embodied the Parisian style and grace that define elegance. Their luxuriously designed pens, made with precious materials and careful craftsmanship, are meant to exude fine taste and success. Write with the Caréne or the Charleston to experience Waterman quality. 


The Bottom Line

Ultimately, understanding the brand of a fountain pen can provide valuable information about its quality, design, materials, heritage, and overall performance, helping you make an informed decision based on your preferences and needs. Whether you want to explore fountain pen brands from Japan, Europe, or elsewhere, knowing which brands are out there can be a big help.

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excellent guide to a newbie fountain pen collector (yes! i have 4 pens to start.)

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