Tailored Pen Company Fountain Pen - New Year, New Hue - Limited Edition - Endless Exclusive (2022)

Nib Size: Extra Fine
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The New Year ushers in new opportunities. And Pantone's Color of the Year Very Peri is a beautiful periwinkle — merging the tranquility of blue and the vibrancy of violet. May it encourage us toward personal creativity and imaginative self-expression once more!

New Year, New Hue! is more than a fountain pen, it is a mantra.

The nib features a Firework engraving, traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits. Similarly, our wish is for your days to not be dampened by negative energy.


Each time you reach for this pen, may it serve as a reminder — that no matter how difficult and dire the recent years have been, we can give ourselves permission to dive back into beauty andrekindle our passions.



Skillfully and thoughtfully produced by theamazing pen folks of Tailored Pen Company, and co-designed by micahfinds! Exclusively sold on EndlessPens,with only 15 units available worldwide.

New Year, New Hue is produced by Tailored Pen Company on their Cigar model. Its style is similar to the Cylindre style but with the main difference being a smooth transition between the body and the cap. The Cigar style has rounded ends and continues almost the same size throughout the body of the pen.

Pen Dimensions
- Capped Length: 5.8” , 147mm
- Posted Length: Does not post
- Length of Body: 3.6” , 91mm without section
- LOB with section and NIB: 5.3” , 135mm
- Length of Cap: 2.6” , 65mm
- Diameter of Body: 15.5mm
- Diameter of Cap: 15.5mm
- Diameter of Grip: 12mm pinch grip to 11mm back up 12mm

- Type: Fountain Pen
- Body Material: Resin
- Cap Type: Screw
- Filling Mechanism: Cartridge / Converter
- Nib Material: Bock Stainless Steel

Pen Dimensions
- Cap Diameter: 16mm tapering to the end at 14mmwith a rounded end
- Body Diameter: 16mm tapering to the end of the pen at 13mm with a rounded end

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