Sailor Ink Bottle (50ml) - Manyo 5th Anniversary "In Love" - Limited Edition (2024)

Color: Tsuyu (Dew)
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A limited label has been foil-stamped on Sailor Manyo Ink 5th Anniversary "Manyoshu", containing poems of unrequited love and inspired by nature. This bottled ink is perfect for writing about loved ones.

Yu (Sunset)
As evening falls, I gaze at the clouds, lost in contemplation. Thinking of my lover, who is like the unreachable sky, far beyond my reach.

Tsuyu (Dew)
Please don't ask me
"Who is there?"
as I wait for you, drenched in the dew of September.

Ishi (Pebble)
Even the small stones in the river, if you have tread upon them, let me pick them up thinking of them as precious gems.

Asagiri (Morning Fog)
Because we have only met vaquely, like the morning fog, I continue to love you as if my life were about to end.

Himeyuri (Starily)
Like the star lily blooming in the thicket of a summer field, unknown to anyone, my love remains a painful and poignant secret.

- Type: Ink Bottle
- Volume: 50ml
- Bottle Material: Glass

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