Sailor Fountain Pen - 'Rei' 4th Series - Aomori Fugamon-buri (2023)

Style: Tokiwa-iro
Nib Size: Medium
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Aomori Prefecture's Tsugaru region is highly recognized for fine Japanese lacquerware, but has a very cold climate which makes it difficult to handle Urushi lacquer. This difficulty led to a centuries-long quest to perfect the art in a manner suited to the local climate, giving birth to the technique of layering multiple coats, called "kawari-nuri".
Kawari-nuri can largely be categorized into 2 methods of Urushi lacquering. The first method uses a combination of Urushi and other materials (e.g. mother-of-pearl, gold/silver powder and plant parts such as rice husk). The second uses various types of Urushi in multiple coats without mixing other materials. Of the various existing styles, the "togidashi-nuri" technique is iconic of Tsugaru region's lacquer art, layering Urushi a few dozen times, producing durable lacquerware with a uniquely expressive design.

The Fugamon-nuri style art that adorns these fountain pens is an original style developed by lacquer artist Hirokazu Shimamori, based on Tsugaru togidashi-nuri with a highly creative twist, fusing both of the aforementioned methods of lacquering. By layering Urushi a few dozen times from the base coat, patterning coat, surface coat, gold/silver powder coat, to the top coat, each coat lends an artistic quality of its own that shines through when polished, creating lacquer art of refined sophistication.
These fountain pens are intricate masterpieces that embody the Japanese spirit of modesty and elegance, expressed through a serene and tactful design.

Tokiwa-iro is a poetic color name used to express everlasting beautiful green like the leaves of evergreens such as pine and cedar. It is a sacred color that symbolizes eternal life and eternal youth.

Ochiguri-iro is a poetic color name to express a slightly reddish brown color like the surface of a chestnut. From the ancient times of the Heian Period, this color was used to express nobleness with an elegant modesty.

Packaged in aPaulownia box.

- Type: Fountain Pen
- Body Material: Ebony with Urushi finish, PMMA Resin
- Cap Type: Screw
- Filling Mechanism: Cartridge / Converter
- Nib Material: 21K Gold

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