Robert Oster Ink Bottle (50ml) - Black Gulaman - Endless Exclusive (2024)


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Is it a dessert? Is it a drink? It's both and it's a favorite among many Filipinos! Made with black grass jelly, banana or vanilla essence, the optional tapioca pearls, and LOTS of ice! (Dahil ang init init sa Pilipinas!) 

A refreshing and affordable choice all year round. Now available in Ink form! Write, don't drink, ha? ♡ 

We hope you enjoy the Robert Oster Black Gulaman ink bottle, made especially for the Manila Pen Show 2024. And if you take your Gulaman with Pearls, a lovely shimmer version is available as well — the Sago at Black Gulaman ink!



This 50ml bottle of Black Gulaman ink is a collaboration between Robert Oster and micahfinds, created especially for the 2024 Manila Pen Show. Its hue is reminiscent of the beloved Filipino dessert / drink, Black Gulaman.

- Type: Ink Bottle
- Volume: 50ml
- Bottle Material: Carbon free plastic

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