Platinum Fountain Pen - Izumo (18K) - Maki-e

Pattern: Urokomon (Hira Maki-e)
Nib Size: Fine
$4,000 $5,000

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"Izumo" is a place where Japanese gods annually gather and it is still worshiped today since ancient times. It is also recognised for its production of Japanese paper "Washi" and it still remains as one of the places heavily engaged in writing tradition.
In Japanese, "Izumo" is written with Japanese characters that expresses clouds rising up towards the sky.

The "Izumo" brand derived from the founder Shunichi Nakata, who was born in Shimane Prefecture and a place surrounded by majestic nature and holy history. The supreme brand was established with the concept of clouds rising into the sky.
The "Izumo" brand is now certified by the city of Izumo, Shimane Prefecture as it serves high quality by each craftmen involved in its production.

Hira maki-e technique is applied, in which over the patterned urushi undercoating, the proper powders are chosen out of several dozen types of gold and silver powders and then sprinkled over. The Urokomon, which is recognized as kiccho pattern (scale pattern) from ancient times, is boldly drawn.

Aizu maki-e is one of the traditional crafts originating from the castle town of Aizu. It is being one of the crafts with the longest ongoing history in Japan and dates back to about 400 years. Aizu maki-e is well known for its bold and decorative designs that have a gradation of colors and incorporates an expert polishing technique making them quite appealing. Applied to the fountain pen are varied lively designs of raden (an inlayed diversity of sea shells) drawing fine lines that add a gradation, which expresses the “Aurora.”

- Type: Fountain Pen
- Body Material: Ebonite
- Cap Type: Screw
- Filling Mechanism: Cartridge / Converter
- Nib Material: 18K Gold
- Postability: No

- Capped Length: 6.13 in (155.6 mm)
- Length of Body: 5.25 in (133.4 mm)
- Length of Cap: 2.9 in (73.7 mm)
- Diameter of Body: 0.63 in (15.9 mm)
- Diameter of Cap: 0.66 in (16.8 mm)
- Diameter of Grip: 0.42 in (10.7 mm)

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