Pennonia Liquid Shimmer - Csillám Shimmer Additive

Color: Azúrkék (Azure Blue)

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Pennonia Csillám – Liquid shimmer is an original Pennonia product developed specifically to elevate shimmer inks to the next level! Available in a variety of colors, you can mix and match them safely with any of the Pennonia inks to create your very own unique combinations. Don’t be limited by pre-made shimmering inks, make your own instead!

We recommend using 5 ml samples vials to mix inks with the liquid shimmers. STIR THE LIQUID SHIMMER BEFORE USING! Since it is a pigment, the shimmer powder settles to the bottom of the container. Use the included mini-pipette to add 1-2 drops of liquid shimmer to 5 ml of ink.

Please note that shimmer powders are hard to clean from a fountain pen. We tested each powder in different pens using M nibs and have not noticed any clogging following our suggested guidelines. Know that mixing an excessive amount into the ink might clog ink channels in the feed and we suggest that you only use these at your own risk. It is impossible for us to test all the different pens found on the market and Pennonia can’t be held accountable for any damages it may cause to your pens. We highly recommend the use inexpensive pens for any kind of shimmering ink irrespective of who made the ink.

- Type: Liquid Shimmer
- Weight: 35 g

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