Pennonia Ink Bottle (60ml) - Kalotaszegi Vörös - (Kalotaszeg Red)


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Experience the vibrant, bold shade of Kalotaszeg Red with Pennonia Ink Bottle. The deep red color is eye-catching and perfect for bringing life to any writing project.

Regarding shimmer powders: If you decide to add shimmer powder to your ink order please note that these inks may clog your pen or make it hard to clean. Only use shimmering inks if you are willing to accept the downsides that come with it. We recommend using dip pens or fountain pens that are easy to disassemble and clean thoroughly.

- Type: Ink Bottle
- Volume: 60 ml
- Bottle Material: Glass
- Weight: 155 g
- pH level: 6.51
- Ink Color: Red
- Iron Gall: No
- Permanent: No
- Shimmering: No
- Pigmented: No

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