Leonardo Fountain Pen - Momento Zero Nuvola (Stainless Steel)

Trim Color: Gold
Nib Size: Extra Fine
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The heavens blend with creativity, adding a distinguished new piece to the "Momento Zero" portfolio: the Nuvola pen. Italian for "Cloud," the ethereal hue of this iconic pen conjures the tranquility and boundlessness of the azure sky, gracefully complementing the classic design.

Why "Nuvola"? Inspired by the tranquility and elegance of clouds, the Nuvola reflects a sense of calm and contemplation. Just as the clouds move gracefully in the sky, this pen glides across the paper with the same lightness, offering an unparalleled writing experience.

With its unique color and design that evokes Italian style, the "Nuvola" represents a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Perfect for both collectors and lovers of writing in general, this pen is a testimony to Italian art and craftsmanship.

The exquisite Nuvola fountain pen is fitted with a La Fenice steel nib and offers a convenient converter/cartridge filling system.

Pen Dimensions
Closed pen length: 142mm
Cap length: 65mm
Barrel length: 127mm 
Weight (without ink): 27g
Cap diameter: 15,5mm
Grip diameter: 10,6mm

- Type: Fountain Pen
- Body Material: Resin
- Filling Mechanism: Cartridge / Converter
- Nib Material: Steel
- Postability: Yes

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