LAMY Ink Bottle (50ml) - Dark Lilac - Special Edition (2024)

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As a leading producer in the ink industry, LAMY took note of the worldwide success of T52 dark lilac in 2016. In response to the high demand for this cult favorite, LAMY have decided to permanently offer it to the public. However, due to changes in production and color pigments, they were unable to perfectly replicate the beloved ink. While LAMY have strived to maintain the same shade, the suspension of one key ingredient has resulted in a slight color variation. Nevertheless, they have chosen to retain the original name, as it serves as a technical indicator, in line with other inks in the LAMY T52 family.

LAMY's T52 50mL ink bottles are outfitted with a special region around the base reserved for a roll of blotting paper and an integrated ink residue collecting basin. This feature makes it convenient and hygienic to refill fountain pens.

- Type: Ink Bottle
- Volume: 50ml
- Bottle Material: Glass

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