Kaweco Gift Set - Kaweco Sport Piston Fill Starter Set

Nib Size: Double Broad

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The Kaweco Sport fountain pen, initially known as the #612 piston filler, was introduced in 1937 and has since undergone various advancements. Its design features a piston mechanism that draws ink directly from a bottle into its reservoir, rendering ink cartridges unnecessary. Additionally, the transparent window enables continuous monitoring of the ink level.

Introducing the Kaweco Sport Piston Fill fountain pen - the result of years of development and refinement. Featuring a sleek black matte anodized aluminium design, this pen combines innovative materials with a compact and clever filling mechanism. Refilling is quick and easy thanks to the exceptionally smooth operation of the filling mechanism. The addition of gold-plated elements adds both style and functionality, seamlessly blending traditional filling methods with modern design.

The Kaweco Sport Piston Fill Starter Set includes a gold-plated steel-nibbed fountain pen and a 32 ml bottle of Kaweco Royal Blue, packaged in a tin box.

- Type: Gift Set

- (1) fountain Pen
- (1) 32ml Royal Blue Kaweco Ink Bottle

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