Kakimori Pen Rest - Sakura Wood


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The Kakimori Pen Rest is an elegant and tasteful addition to your desk space, crafted from delicate sakura wood. Its design provides a natural, effortless fit for almost any pen, inviting you to experience the beauty of thoughtful moments between writing. 

The sweeping, asymmetrical design makes it easy to set down and pick up your pen, and can hold two or three slender pens. It has been engineered for stability to ensure your pen is secure from accidental movement or damage. The pen rest is treated with an ink-resistant finish, providing practicality without compromising the natural texture.

Enjoy a serene presence in your workspace with this luxurious pen rest.

- Type: Pen Rest
- Material: Sakura Wood
- Weight: 45 g
- Dimensions: H20 x Ø65mm

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