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A felt tip pen kit that can be used with our fountain pen inks. Soak the fibre ink reservoir with your favourite colour and your pen is ready to use. The brush tip is ideal for special messages and illustrations.

Use & Care

  • Recommended for use with Kakimori and Inkstand pigment inks.
  • The end plug is not removable once fitted.
  • Impact after assembly may cause internal ink spillage.
  • For best results, store horizontally after filling with ink.
  • When traveling by plane, we recommend filling with ink after your arrival to prevent leakage during the journey.

How to assemble your Colour Liner

Step 1: Remove the ink reservoir

Step 2: Fill with ink. Allow the fibre to soak up the ink leaving about 2cm dry, then remove. 

Wipe off excess ink around the plastic with a soft, clean cloth.

Step 3: Assemble. With the soaked end first, insert the ink reservoir straight into the pen body. Insert the end plug and push firmly until it clicks twice (it may help to press against a hard surface). Allow a few moments for the ink to reach the tip and the pen is ready for use.

DISCLAIMER: Ink bottle in photos not included. For demonstration purposes only.


- Type: Brush
- Body Material: Plastic
- Dimensions H141 x Ø10mm
- Weight: 8g
- Accessories included: Cap, felt tip, body, fibre ink reservoir, end plug

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