J Herbin Ink Bottle (50ml) - 350 Anniversary Ink - Vert Atlantide

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This elegant, deep green ink features delicate flecks of both silver and gold pigment, creating a luxurious sheen and sublt ehsade variation as you write. Inspirited by the lush plant life said to have inhabited the fabled continent of Atlantis, Vert Atlantide is a tribute to the brand's founder, Jacques Herbin. An esteemed navigator, Herbin was believed to have been enthralled by the legend of this lost civilization.

  • Great for fountain pens
  • Highly saturated color with gold and silver sheen
  • Gift boxed includes Herbin history pamphlet
  • Wax seal "350" adorns the bottle
  • Hand-dipped wax seal cap
  • Wide mouth 50ml glass bottle
  • Shake bottle well before filling your writing instrument

- Type: Ink Bottle
- Volume: 50ml
- Bottle Material: Glass

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