EndlessPens Washi Tape - Outdoor Series - Forest Creatures - Endless Exclusive (2022)


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Step into the woods and onto the sun-dappled path. Breathe deeply. Taste the air, crisp as an apple. Listen to the rustle of branches and try, out of the corner of your eye, to glimpse a fox playing in the leaves.

Forests are pockets of serenity, abundant in both color and life. With this woodsy green talisman, you can write with the cleverness of a fox or sketch with the playfulness of a squirrel. However you use it, don't be surprised if the scent of rich earth and pine trees grows with each stroke of your pen.

— Jenn Reese (@jenn.reese & @jenn.draws)


The Outdoor Series design is also available as a fountain pen.


- Type: Washi Tape
- Width: 15mm


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