EndlessPens Sticker - Grumpy Kitty Café - Endless Exclusive (2023)


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The Grumpy Kitties are back! Fueling up at a cozy cafe, exchanging notes on world domination.

This Endless Exclusive sticker sheet features an original illustration from digital artist @twenty_sides!


"Grumpy kitty,
Touchy kitty,
Angry ball of fur.

Moody kitty,
Grouchy kitty,
Grr, grr, grr."

— Raqui (@twenty_sides) | rewording of Annoyed Kitty

This unique Grumpy Kitty Cafe design is also available in Washi Tape and Fountain pen iterations.

- Type: Sticker
- Size: 4 x 6 inches

Note: Size provided is the entire sticker sheet. Actual sticker size is smaller than the provided size.

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