Endless Stationery Notebook - Explorer Leather Large "Grumpy Kitty" - Endless Exclusive (2023)


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"I didn't WANT fish today."
— Pepper, a Grumpy Kitty

I wouldn't say the Grumpy Kitties and their humans have a strained relationship. Rather, I would say that it's quite a codependent peaceful relationship. I know the people who are owned by take care of Grumpy Kitties can relate!

I created the Grumpy Kitty series as an ode to our Grumpy Kitties—how they have captivated our hearts with their rage—and how we have willingly given ourselves over as their slaves guardians, to make sure that their existence in our houses are as comfortable as possible.

Hail Grumpy Kitty!

— Raqui (@twenty_sides)

For the explorer with style, this Endless Stationery exclusively-designed large notebook is the purr-fect companion! With a Grumpy Kitty illustration on the front, this leather large notebook is sure to turn a few heads - plus, it comes with EndlessPens for a crafty journey full of creative fun! Meowtastic!

Crafted from the finest leather, the Endless Stationery Notebook - Explorer Leather Large "Grumpy Kitty" - Endless Exclusive is an elegant and tasteful addition to any stationery set. Its intricate details, like the handcrafted leather sleeve with grumpy kitty illustration and leather pen loop with elastic, make it perfect for the discerning explorer who demands sophistication and style. Plus, with two extra holding bands for up to two notebooks, you can keep your stationery organized and ready for any adventure.

The Grumpy Kitty series by @twenty_sides is also available as a fountain pen, washi tape, and sticker!

- Type: Notebook
- Cover Material: Leather
- Leather Sleeve Size: 205.74mm x 144.78mm / 8.1" x 5.7" / 20.57cm x 14.48cm
- Notebook Size: 190.50mm x 129.54mm / 7.5" x 5.1" / 19.05cm x 12.95cm
- Paper Weight: 80gsm Regalia
- Ruling: Dotted
- Number of Sheets: 64

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