Why Fountain Pens are an Exceptional Tool for Artists

What separates good artists from outstanding ones is their ability to use different tools to depict their visual expression. Whether it be a paint brush or a palette knife, any tool in the hands of the right artist is a magic wand. That said, one of the more obvious choices doesn't get enough attention for its versatility – the fountain pen.

Yes, the primary objective of a fountain pen is to write but technically - if you really think about it - it's a versatile ink delivery system with a nib that provides ultimate level of precision. This is why many artists today are picking fountain pens over conventional tools, especially for drawing and sketching. Here's why a fountain pen can be a great tool for visual artists.


Precision & Uniformity

A fountain pen has a sharp nib that enables artists to control the flow of pigmented ink allowing them to create fine lines that are essential for an artist. This provides them with more control as they can sketch and draw with an enhanced level of precision and accuracy.


Ink Dries Quicker than Paint

It's no secret that fountain pen's ink is engineered to dry quickly on the paper to ensure wet ink doesn't become an annoyance for the writer. This is great for artists as well, especially when they are looking to craft a quick sketch or drawing. As ink dries within seconds, and they won't have to worry about accidental smears or smudges.


Nib Retains Its Integrity

Most of the tools require continuous maintenance as they get deteriorated over time including paint brushes. That's not the case with fountain pen nibs. They're much easier to maintain and retain their user-friendly application for many years to come.


Flexible Hand Position

The way fountain pens and their nibs are designed allow artists to work in any position. Whether you want to hold your pen vertical or like to draw at an angle, pen's nib makes the adjustments accordingly to ensure you deliver your best work every day of the week.


Line Width Adjustment

When you are drawing or sketching, you need to alter the line width to include depth and aesthetic to your piece. Fountain pens make your job easier as all you have to do is to adjust the pressure and angle of the nib to get the right line width. You can figure this out with a bit of practice.


Variety of Colors

This is pretty self-explanatory. Both water soluble and pigmented inks are available in a wide range of colors so you have enough options to choose from. Using different colors, you can bring your visual art to life through better shade dynamics and versatility.


If you are a visual artist who is looking to do something different or wants to add another dimension to their art, fountain pen can be the tool that can deliver what you are looking for. It’s highly affordable, reliable, and versatile which means you don’t need to invest a lot of resources in the long run to maintain your variety of pens.


By Some Folks at EndlessPens

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Kruthika Shankar

Completely agree on this one. I use my fountain pens to outline my sketches with pigmented inks and sometimes even use one color to make my complete sketch. Recently I have started exploring sheening and shimmer inks to sketch and they produce stunning results.


I like that article. I am going to start using the pen you gave me to sketch!

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