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It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love.
⁓ Moliére

Can you feel it in the air? The warm energy this season brings calls out to our hearts with the song of sharing. Whether you have prepared well beforehand or will dive into it with last-minute focus, Christmas softens us with the joy of giving and receiving. It is always heartwarming for me to witness my loved ones opening their gifts to one another. A certain sparkle lights up their eyes like an excited child’s, with an occasional squeal of delight when their special wish has been granted.

Another enjoyable part of harnessing the spirit of Christmas is creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere to celebrate the whole season. Apart from our traditional, communal practices such as decorating the tree, gathering together and sharing food with loved ones, there are also more personal rituals to embody the symbols of the holidays. For myself — being the fountain pen enthusiast and inkaholic that I am — I turn to my pens and inks to be my own creative harbingers of Yuletide cheer. As these writing implements deal primarily with our visual sense, choosing them in seasonal colors of red, green, gold, silver, and wintery colors evoke the mistletoe, pine, sparkly tinsel and decorations that we know and love.


Christmassy Fountain Pens

These Yuletide pens are sure to delight — dressed up in the festive colors of the season. Take your pick as a present to yourself, as a surprise treat for your loved one, or for pairing with your special friend. ⁓


LAMY Lx in Gold and LAMY AL-Star Whitesilver Special Edition 2022

⁓ a lovely pair with elegant colors that call to mind delicate glass balls unwrapped from vintage tissue paper then hung together on the Christmas tree. They both feature stylish details with a sophisticated, anodized finish. These pen models have proven their hardiness — with a long-lasting stainless steel nib designed for pleasant and even ink flow and a spring-loaded metal clip.



Opus 88 Mini Pocket Pen in Dots and Ladybug

⁓ With barrels in classic Christmas colors of green and red, this pair also gives off a playful vibe with their candy patterns. These pens feature a blend of translucent acrylic bodies accented with stainless steel clips. These eyedropper fillers have a shut-off valve mechanism matched with a #5 Jowo nib, and a generous ink capacity any avid writer or sketcher will enjoy.



Pelikan Fountain Classic M200 Golden Beryl Special Edition 2021

⁓ What is Christmas without some glitter? This delicately sparkly pen and matching gold shimmering ink evokes twinkling Christmas lights that call us back into the warm comfort of home. The subtly satin, transparent barrel allows a glimpse into the ink reservoir. If the pen is filled with Golden Beryl ink, it shows the fascinating flow of the golden shimmering elements swirling around. The material itself glows in fine golden lights to harmonize with the inky effects. 

Fine Writing International The Wheel of Time: Winter Solstice Limited Edition Endless Exclusives 2022

⁓ This fountain pen captures the nuanced colors of the deepening sky.

“The Winter Solstice comes and whispers gently, ‘Rest. Sleep.’ For all of life begins in darkness. The Earth slumbers as a reminder. There is healing in solitude as much as there is in community. There is growth in the pause, as much in the grind. The promise of Spring is in the brush of cold wind. But today — as the snow falls on the Evergreen — be still and know that a new day comes after this long night. A new cycle is about to begin.” ~ @micahfinds

Pilot Custom 74 in Merlot

⁓ Celebrations often call for wine, and this fountain pen is a delicious reminder of shared holiday cheer. The deep red, transparent color is a fitting homage to the dark, fruity flavors of its namesake. Custom 74 has become Pilot’s core introductory pen in the Custom series. Designed with a classically elegant look, this series sports a smooth gold nib in various sizes to fit different writing preferences.

Platinum Preppy in Red and Green

⁓ These tried-and-tested starters are great stocking stuffers to introduce fountain pens to younger generations. A well-polished stainless steel nib with a special alloy point resistant to abrasion allows one to enjoy the experience of a full-fledged quality fountain pen. It is also equipped with a "slip-seal” mechanism that maintains the ink’s moisture.


Yuletide Fountain Pen Inks

What is a fountain pen without fuel? These inks will let you get into the spirit of the season with their holiday colors. They are perfect for crafting your own gift cards or handwriting a Christmas message for your loved ones. ⁓ 


Diamine Ink Bottle (50ml) Red Edition and Blue Edition

⁓ These charmingly themed inks make it a breeze to celebrate Yuletide with more creativity. If you’ve missed the previous Inkvent Calendar, Diamine now offers the full-sized versions! Now available in special bottles, and you can select only those favorite colors from the past releases in a larger volume.



Pilot Iroshizuku (50ml) Kiri-same and Fuyu-syogun

⁓ Nature’s winding down towards slumber is captured in the subtle colors of these inks — Autumn Shower and Old Man Winter. Known for good lubrication and a degree of water resistance, these two also add a touch of subtle elegance to your handwriting or drawings. They are among my favorite inks.



Robert Oster (50ml) Regular Greens and Reds

⁓ This wide array of colors will inspire you to get more creative when sharing the Christmas spirit. These inks are available in a stunning selection of vibrant and contemplative colors inspired by the rich scenery and culture of Australia.



Diamine Ink Bottle (30ml / 80ml) in Reds and Greens

⁓ Deck your pages with these selections. Diamine has a long and rich history, dating back to 1864. These inks have been produced in the UK and are made with a gentle formula safe for fountain pens. It has remained one of the most popular and sought-after brands around.



Wearingeul Glitter Potion (10ml) The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Literature

⁓ If you feel like just spicing up some inks from your present collection, why not try this shimmer formula with some of your favorites? A few drops can give those regular inks a festive boost. Add Glitter Potion to only 10% of the original ink volume — which can be applied to most non-shimmering inks regardless of the brand.

Finding Joy

The impact our treasured tools have on us can be profound. Perhaps this is why we carefully consider which fountain pens and inks to bring with us everyday, or even which ones to choose in the first place. The experiences they give us — particularly the pleasant ones — stay and somehow shape us as fountain pen enthusiasts. After all, they are tangible symbols that gain deeper personal meaning the more we journey with them. For me, this is true for any object of mine that somehow echoes a sentiment, a memory, or the unique person who gave it to me. It is no wonder then that such mundane instruments can evoke a season that brings warmth and joy to our lives each December. When you bring forth the essence of the holiday this way, it will be like holding Christmas in your or a loved one’s hand.



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