Penabling Mom: Curated Gift Sets for Mother's Day

Hello again, pen people! One of the most significant occasions occurring yearly is just around the corner. To commemorate this, EndlessPens has hand-picked four pens-and-ink sets from Lamy, world-renowned for both quality and design. These selections are sure to bring a smile to Mom’s face; whether as a novice or as an old hand with fountain pens.

Each of these sets comes with its own character and price point; making each choice customised for that special person in your life. As a mother myself, I truly appreciate that extra touch, of receiving a well-thought out gift that complements my personality.

Mom and Me Calligraphy

$31.99 $75

Set 1: Mom and Me Calligraphy

This set has particular elements that encourage learning, and the development of creativity that is first fostered between parent and child. The Lamy ABC fountain pen is specifically designed for the use of little hands, while the Lamy Joy is great for sketching and hand-lettering. The various inks in giant cartridge form makes this set fun and easy to use anywhere. This one would be perfect for moms with kids (or kids-at-heart) who’d enjoy artful sessions together.


Fine Jewelry

$55.99 $110

Set 2: Fine Jewelry

A blend of elegance and practicality, this set would take mom’s everyday tasks to the next level. The stylish Lamy LX Palladium and Tipo Aluminum Pearl Rose Special Edition pens are engineered to be durable. The well-behaved T53 Crystal Ink Ruby is a soft rose red. These parts mesh beautifully for the mother who values both form and function.



$46.99 $105

Set 3: Tranquiliteal

What sets (ehem) this micro-collection apart is its colour. If your mom favours the serene hues of bluish-green or greenish-blue, then you’re set (sorry, couldn’t resist). Puns aside, the vibrant Lamy Al-Star Turmaline fountain and ballpoint pens, in combination with the pleasantly readable T53 Crystal Ink Peridot, are an invigorating feast for the eyes. And for those who get a thrill out of having matching pieces, this one truly hits the spot.


Boss Lady

$239.99 $475

Set 4: Boss Lady

For the mother who believes in subtlety as the height of sophistication, this set’s attention to understated detail is key. The Lamy Scala Piano Black gold-nibbed fountain pen is the ideal counterpoint to the Scala Rose rollerball. Add to this the subdued hue of T53 Crystal Ink Agate, this merger of hardy steel and minimalist design is a fitting tribute to strength and grace.



Each of these sets is noteworthy in its own way. You can select one that resonates with Mom’s most outstanding attributes, or introduces something different that she would enjoy. Whatever you choose, that potential inherent in pen and ink is enough to fuel her on a wonderful journey.



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Written by @lekzumali
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