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Tools of the trade...

...by definition is a set of instruments or skills that are necessary for a specific kind of occupation. As a writer and sketcher, the fountain pen is irrefutably the first tool that I reach for when I am inspired. This is why a workhorse pen is always included in my everyday carry kit. For me, a fountain pen like this needs to fulfill several criteria:


#1 Lightweight and feels comfortable in the hand

—particularly for long writing or drawing sessions where the ideas and creative streak just flow

#2 Adequate ink capacity

—for uninterrupted work, and not having to tote along additional vials or bottles of ink

#3 Good nib performance

—because the whole writing experience relies heavily on how pleasant and reliable the nib works

#4 Durable

—since the tool will be used often and well, being hardy enough for regular handling is a requirement

#5 Looks nice

—not a hard criterion and somewhat subjective, but it is satisfying to use a pen that is aesthetically in tune with me


When I discovered the line of Opus 88 fountain pens, I knew these would prove to become among my favorite workhorse pens. They possess the inherent “skills” that I have previously mentioned to qualify them as dependable tools of my trade. Each of the five pens in my collection have proven their worth, and at least one or two are always inked.


EndlessPens Exclusive Opus 88 Fountain Pens

Encouraging creativity is an key aspect of the company’s ethos. This aspiration has led EndlessPens to foster collaborations between artists and fountain pen manufacturers that have resulted in several, distinct designs from the Opus 88 series. Each fountain pen creation is unique, since it embodies the style of each artist and is inspired by the experiences and stories that resonate with them. 


Presenting, the EndlessPens Exclusive Opus 88 fountain pen family —


Opus 88 Dancing Lights Fountain Pen (Limited Edition, 2022)

In collaboration with @micahfinds on Instagram, this pen was inspired by the Northern Lights and the Greco-Roman goddess Aurora. She is believed to be the personification of dawn, sister to the sun and the moon.


Dawn symbolizes hope, illumination, new beginnings, and second chances — as infinite as the days, and as finite as the mornings we get to wake up to. May this pen serve as a reminder, that even during the darkest hour — hope may shine when you least expect it to. And when it does, may you dance.
— Micah (@micahfinds)

Opus 88 Coffeeholic Mini Pocket Fountain Pen (Special Edition, 2022)

Co-created with @twenty_sides_illustrations, this handy pen is a tribute to all coffee lovers — from an artist who imbibes up to 4 cups of this heady brew each day!

I think the REAL question is — Why NOT coffee?
— Raqui (@twenty_sides)

Opus 88 Coffee Shop Mini Pocket Fountain Pen (Special Edition, 2022)

With a matte finish on the cap to resemble cafe menu chalkboards, this understated pen brings back fond memories of your favorite coffee shop. Take this with you on your next journaling session to your local cafe, to perfectly complement the stimulating ambience.

Opus 88 Grumpy Kitty Mini Pocket Fountain Pen (Special Edition, 2022)

Another creation with digital artist @twenty_sides_illustrations featuring moody felines, this adorable fountain pen is sure to charm cat lovers everywhere.

Grumpy kitty,
Touchy kitty,
Angry ball of fur.

Moody kitty,
Grouchy kitty,
Grr, grr, grr.

— Raqui (@twenty_sides, a rewording of Annoyed Kitty)

Opus 88 Love in Bloom Mini Pocket Fountain Pen (Special Edition, 2022)

Designed with loose lines and soft colors, this beauty brings to mind the exuberance of wildflowers that bloom even in harsh conditions. It is a perfect, little pen for writing letters and poetry.

Opus 88 Cup of Comfort Glossy White and Matte Cream Mini Pocket Fountain Pens (Special Edition, 2022)

Co-created using my tools of the trade, this little pen is a personal celebration of self-care and the gratitude that I feel for the daily rituals that ground me.

Take this time for yourself. Make a cup of your favorite tea, breathe in the fragrant steam, then take that first sip of warm comfort. May this little pen in your hand be a trusty companion as you relax with your cup of comfort, your thoughts, and your journal.
— Lekz (@lekzumali)

Opus 88 Perfect Pair Mini Pocket Fountain Pen (Special Edition, 2022)

This cute pen delivers its sentiment tenderly and clearly, especially for your significant other or dearest friend. For those who appreciate youthful romance and functionality, this will also be a perfect present for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

Opus 88 Cinco De Mayo Mini Pocket Fountain Pen (Special Edition, 2022)

Co-created with @mattdeford by hand, this pen commemorates the traditional Cinco de Mayo with a more timely message that resonates worldwide.

In my research about Cinco de Mayo, I learned that the armies of Napoleon came to conquer Mexico in the name of France. In a certain city Puebla, the church bells rang signaling to the people of the arrival of the armies. The people grabbed their machetes and defeated the French. As I was applying the color to the ink drawing, I thought of how similar and timely this is. Russia invading the smaller nation of Ukraine. Many citizens came to fight with little assistance at first. This is a time to celebrate the courage of the regular people standing up to the neighborhood bully! Hence the blue and yellow not usually associated with Cinco de Mayo.
— Matt (@mattdeford)


Cutie Alert!

Launching this July, the newest addition to the EndlessPens Exclusive x Opus 88 series features our beloved canine furbaby, Naptime. @twenty_sides_illustrations lovingly captures her endearing expressions that make us go “Aaawww!” Sure to warm the hearts of dog lovers, the Opus 88 Naptime Mini Pocket Pen EndlessPens Exclusive is one to watch out for.



Whether it is the bigger-sized Dancing Lights or one among the handy troop of Minis, I hope you’ll discover why Opus 88 is one of the fountain pens that I’ve come to know and love.



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Written by @lekzumali
Check out her musings on Instagram!

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