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It does not matter if you are a writer or an artist; you need a premium canvas to express yourself. A paper that feels just right and works well with all of your pens without getting in your way. If the paper is too thick or too hard, it will create bothersome friction, which is not desirable. Similarly, if it is too thin or tender, it will be too absorbent and may lead to ink bleed from the other side.

Apart from the quality of the paper, the overall build quality of the notebook matters as well. Writers and artists do not want to deal with pages being separated from the binding or the cover of the notebook falling apart. There are two high-quality brands, which offer a variety of notebooks that creatives can trust.


Lamy Notebooks

German design and manufacturing have always been appreciated for their unwavering quality and durability. Lamy notebooks are no exception as they bring the perfect balance of form and function offering great designs as well as writing experiences.

Different Covers - The notebooks are available in both soft and hardcover variations, which means creatives have the option to choose from both based on their requirements.

High-Quality Design - Hardcover notebooks feature brushed metal design, which gives them an exceptionally professional yet aesthetic look and feel.

Function with Form - The notebooks come in both A5 and A6 sizes with close to 200 pages that can last you for weeks, even more than a month depending on your usage.


Accessories - Each hardcover notebook comes with a folding bag in cover, book block with thread stitching, elastic enclosure tape, and 2 bookmarks to bring you ultimate convenience.

You can also choose booklets that are thin and lightweight for improved portability.


Rhodia Notebooks

If you want to be more expressive in terms of notebook design, Rhodia color collection deserves your consideration. From notebooks and R pads to treasure boxes, you have more than enough choices to pick from.

Color Variety - When you want your notebook to be an extension of your expression, you cannot go wrong with a colorful cover. These notebooks come in a variety of shades including yellow, red, blue, green, and more.

Selection - Apart from the appearance, the notebooks are available in a wide range of variations including hardcover, softcover, goal books, color pads, treasure boxes, and sewn spine notebooks.

Exceptional Quality - Notebooks come with luxurious 90-gram ivory vellum paper, which is pH neutral and feels amazingly smooth. Writing and drawing experience will be unmatched.

Accessories for Convenience - Every notebook is equipped with an inner pocket for quick storage while ribbon marker and elastic closure bring user-friendliness for creatives.

You can buy these notebooks in chocolate, beige, anise, turquoise, sapphire, iris, orange, yellow, lilac, raspberry, and many more colors.

What’s your favorite notebook?



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