How To Spot A Fake Montblanc Pen

Pens made by Montblanc are renowned for their superiority and craftsmanship. Each pen made by this German pen brand is made using the finest materials. You might even say that Montblanc pens belong to a different class. Unfortunately, because of this, Montblanc pens are frequently imitated since they are regarded as luxury goods. These replicas, which are just subpar replicas, are being sold as authentic on the market. 


So, how can you tell the difference? These imitations often resemble genuine Montblanc pens so closely that only an experienced writer can tell the difference. Montblanc does provide an authentication service. It will, however, take time and money. As an alternative, you can look at a number of pen features to determine whether or not the object is genuinely Montblanc.



A Montblanc pen's packaging acts as the ideal partner to the pen itself. These pens typically come with specific carrying cases. On the hinged box, you should expect a leather or faux leather exterior. The interior should be lined with velvet and shaped to accommodate the pen. You can be fairly certain that your pen is not in authentic original packaging if it arrives in a thin felt cover. It is also possible to purchase the packaging online and use it to market fakes. However, the majority of pen forgers skip that step and use substitutes for packaging.



The body of Montblanc pens is made up of a special substance called "precious resin." High-quality resin has a different feel than a pen made of plastic or metal. Additionally, Montblanc pens are never painted. A painted pen gives it away right immediately.


While the resin body of many Montblanc pens seems black to the unaided eye, it is actually the shade of dark red wine. If you hold the pen's shaft up to a source of intense light, you can see this color. The pen's edges will take on a dark crimson tint as a result of the light shining around them. 


Engraving Marks

Since 1990, Montblanc pens have had two distinct engravings. The clip band's serial number is the first. The numerals should be there, though you may need a magnifying glass to see them. If the font used to engrave the serial number seems different for each pen, don't panic. That is quite common.


The word "Pix," which should be on the underside of the pen clip on pens dating from 1997 and later, is the second engraving on the pen. This mark is typically absent on most imitation Montblanc pens.



The nib of a Montblanc pen is an easy way to determine authenticity. First, examine the nib itself to see how well it was built and engraved. The flaws might not be readily apparent, but the differences will stand out when you compare and contrast a true Montblanc nib with a phony nib. 


Montblanc uses precision and considerable care when covering its nibs in gold. While fake nibs may seem to be gold at first glance, you may find upon closer inspection that it is simply gold-colored paint that was haphazardly placed on the tip of the nib. Always look out for precision — any signs of carelessness should be red flags.


Another sign is one’s writing experience with a Montblanc nib. Does the tip of the nib feel too rigid and unyielding? This might be a sign of a phony “gold” nib. Manufacturers of fake goods reduce costs by scrimping on the nib. These less expensive nibs frequently have an irregular ink flow, which may also be observed when you write with the pen.



Even though we all like to believe that we are getting a great deal, it is rare to find Montblanc pens that are priced much below market. If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Most people who sell used pens know their true value and will set their prices accordingly. You can be quite certain the pens are not genuine Montblanc pens if someone tries to sell them to you for far less than they are worth.


The Bottom Line

Pens can be sourced from many different places. Whether you’re buying from a friend or a writer selling their pen online, it is best to exercise caution. The best way to be sure you are getting a real authentic pen is to buy from a reputable Montblanc store or reseller.  This way, you can be confident that you are not wasting money on a poor replica of a valuable pen.



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

Author: Ramona

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