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When you are searching for a no-compromise fountain pen ink and willing to pay the premium, you will be hard-pressed to find an alternative better than Ferris Wheel Press inks. Inspired by creativity and formulated to perfection, these inks represent the pinnacle of artistic expression on paper, whether it is written or visual.


Ferris Wheel Press inks have been especially created for those who love to express themselves on paper. Here are a few reasons why these inks make an exceptional choice for creatives.


Saturated & Rich Tones

Ferris Wheel Press fountain pen inks feature saturated and rich tones that blossom on paper by evoking a contrast that is unique to other formulations. This does not only make your writing look aesthetically pleasing but enhances readability on paper, especially the dark-colored ones.


Water-Based Inks

All of the fountain pen inks offered by Ferris Wheel Press are water-based which means they are compatible with all types of pens. Moreover, water-based inks offer better flow and writing experience that feels smoother and seamless. You can also make corrections whenever necessary since water-based inks take a few seconds to dry.


Diverse Range of Colors

The distinguished ink manufacturer brings a wide variety of elegant and aesthetic color choices including lady rose, grape ice pop, jelly bean blue, blue cotton candy, bluegrass velvet, and many distinct shades of blue, yellow, green, red, and gray. As an artist, you get all the options you need to do justice to your skill.


Reduced Ink Sheen

Conventional fountain pen inks have a sheen or soft luster that makes them look a bit tacky and not suitable for artwork. Inks offered by Ferris Wheel Press have a low sheen, which means artists can use them to create their visual expression without having to worry about the shiny layer on top of their work.


Quantity with Quality

When you buy Ferris Wheel Press inks, you are not only investing in quality but quantity as well. An average bottle comes with 85 ml of ink, which is enough to last you for months before you have to purchase a new bottle.


Makes for a Great Gift

If you know someone who is into fountain pens due to their love for written or visual expression, Ferris Wheel Press can be a great present for them. It comes in exceptional packaging and you can buy multiple colors to surprise the recipient and cherish the look on their face when they unwrap your gift.


Final Word

Whether you are looking for a premium writing experience, a unique fountain pen ink, or a present for a loved one, Ferris Wheel Press inks check all the boxes in terms of quality, affordability, design, and performance. You will be paying more but every drop of the ink is worth the price.



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