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A Brief History

On December 18 2019, National Twin Day was proclaimed by National Day Calendar as a day to honor all things twins-related, and annually after that.


Another related celebration during the first weekend of August came from the primary efforts of twin brothers Moses and Aaron Wilcox, who in 1819 donated 6 acres of land to Millville, Ohio. For this, they asked for the town to be renamed Twinsburg. In 1976, the town honored their contribution to the community by holding the first twin festival and yearly thereafter. From the 36 twins who had attended the first celebration, the now weekend-long event has since been entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest number of twins gathering annually in the birthplace of National Twins Day.

The Twin Bond

Twins have always held a fascination for mankind that spans the range from reverence to oppression. Their impact echoes through different cultures — as seen in religion, mythology, and art. They seem to possess an otherworldly connection that we usually notice through their behavior when they interact with each other and the world around them. Here are some factoids to explain why and how twins continue to enchant us —


They start in the womb.

⁓ Research has shown that twins begin interacting in-utero as early as the 14th week of gestation, with imaging studies showing them reaching for each other. When siblings start this early, it is no wonder they have such a deep connection!

They have their own language.

⁓ Termed either cryptophasia or idioglossia, this is the frequently unintelligible language observed in about 40% of twins. This can develop in situations where the model or parent’s language is frequently absent. Close siblings growing up together — not necessarily twins — learn to speak by conversing with each other albeit imperfectly. This usually disappears in time and with normal speech development as they age.

They have twintuition.

⁓ Stemming from a primary attachment even before birth — as well as shared genes — it is not surprising that twins seem to have a telepathic connection with each other. However, research has found this to be a reflection of how alike their minds are — through their matched temperaments, preferences, and aptitudes.

They tend to live longer.

⁓ Being in tune with each other has its perks, as with any other relationship. But with twins, there is that unique depth of knowing when the other needs support and how to provide it during stressful times.

They may be identical, but not the same.

⁓ For one thing, identical twins have different fingerprints. There can be a tendency for others outside the family to compare and contrast them, sometimes with general labels — the “quiet” one versus the “active” one. This takes away their unique individuality and sense of self as they are similar yet very different persons.


Twinning Among Loved Ones and Friends

We may not have a birth twin but we can signify connection with one another through our similarities. The most obvious example of this social behavior is when couples have matching or coordinated outfits. Sometimes it is a subconscious way of signifying a deep bond by mirroring their significant other. In other instances, it is an overt cue of togetherness — or even a shared sense of humor.

Birds of a feather, flock together.” In other social interactions, the concept of having the same thing establishes a connection between people through the implied shared experience. There is recognition that another person has a similar, specific preference or interest. This then makes you wonder about the other things you might have in common.

For us within the fountain pen community, having the same “feathers” (or quills ;) ) more often than not creates instant rapport. There is nothing like having common proclivities to break the ice during a fountain pen meet. In an instant, you have something to talk about — and there is that human drive to discover further interrelatedness through having the same fountain pen. It is quite heartwarming to see in action!

A Personal Note

After my first fountain pen meet, I have discovered people who I now consider my closest friends — my found family. Since then, pen twinning has taken on another layer of significance for me. We have found ways of showing how we care for each other by giving fountain pens that we already know and love. Beyond the connection of having the same fountain pen, there is that added nuance of wanting to share the same joyful experience.

Again, we may not be biological twins — but we create and deepen our friendships by giving a part of ourselves through the pens that stay with our friends long after they leave our presence. So that each time they use it, they are reminded of our fond regard for them. It is always gladdening to see them using the same fountain pen as ours!


Happy Pen Twinning!



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