Celebrating Harry Potter with Fountain Pen Magic

Happy Birthday, Harry!

Today — July 31st — we celebrate the birthday of The Boy Who Lived. Since his literary inception, Harry Potter and his magical journey has touched the lives of children and adults alike. The overarching themes of love and sacrifice, friendship and community, courage in the face of extreme adversity, and hope amidst the struggle have resonated with us so deeply that his story has remained to be one of the most far-reaching fictional works to date.

It is no wonder therefore that those of us who have been enchanted by Harry’s extraordinary life have likewise sought to discover what Hogwarts House we would belong to, if ever given the opportunity to don the perceptive Sorting Hat. The official website my.wizarding.world.com is chock-full of features adding depth beyond the engaging sorting process. I enjoin you, as any prospective student in the arcane arts, to “enroll” and learn a magical thing or two about yourself and the whole world of our beloved hero. As for myself — I was sorted into House Ravenclaw — which I think is appropriate for some aspects of my personality (although my heart belongs to Hufflepuff).


Celebrating Harry Potter

In the real world, Harry’s name day has been honored by fans through immersion and experience. Through cosplay, watch parties, writing fanfiction, cooking and eating themed food, and giving books to the youngest of the family, we are all invited to take part. For us in the fountain pen community, some of whom are avid Potterheads, using our writing instruments to share our enthusiasm is a welcome invitation. Therefore, EndlessPens would like to commemorate the whole wizarding world’s special event by recommending some wands and potions to help you create your own style of fountain pen and ink bottle alchemy, as inspired by the different Hogwarts Houses.

"It is our choices, Harry, that show us who we truly are,
far more than our abilities."

— Albus Dumbledore

Gryffindor House

Named after its founder, Godric Gryffindor, this house is attuned to the Fire element, symbolized by a heraldic Lion in colors of red and gold. As such, those that belong here highly value courage and noble acts. Exemplified by Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, members of this House exhibit daring, nerve, and a high moral compass. These strengths are balanced by the potential to be reckless, hotheaded, and arrogant. My personal favorite Gryffindor is the no-nonsense and steadfast Professor Minerva McGonagall.

Here are some of my picks for the lionhearted among us —

Kaweco Fountain Pen - Special - Red - Collector's Edition (2021) - The interplay between the powerful red and the golden applications of the Special Red Series creates pure luxury and conveys captivating elegance. Moreover, the splendid color combination of red and gold provides warmth and energy and arouses emotions.

Opus 88 Fountain Pen - Bela - The Opus 88 Bela fountain pen is a large, eyedropper-style fountain pen with a piston operated shut-off valve. The pen features an ivory resin finial and piston knob, a black clip, and a silver stainless steel Bock nib.

Sailor Fountain Pen Pro Gear Slim Color  - This model has a unique, contemporary design with a cut-away cap and inlaid Sailor anchor logo on the top.

Robert Oster Ink Bottle 50ml Cozy Comforts - A 2022 EndlessPens Exclusive, this saturated, rich red-brown ink is inspired by worn and torn leather-bound books and the nostalgic memory of running your fingers through the spines as you walk through the library and bookshop aisles.

Diamine Ink Bottle 30ml / 80ml Yellows - These different sunny hues evoke the color of flame. Diamine inks have a long and rich history dating back to 1864. Produced in the UK, it is made with a gentle formula safe for fountain pens.


Slytherin House

Established by Salazar Slytherin, the undulation of its emblematic Serpent mirrors the Water element as it flows and coils around obstacles in its path. The House colors of green and silver reflect the iridescent scales of this powerful and transformative animal. This House favors wizards who are cunning, ambitious, resourceful, with the potential for preeminence. However, they have acquired a dark reputation for their tendencies to become morally ambiguous, power-hungry, and discriminatory. Professor Severus Snape is one Slytherin who brought honor to this House.

This selection will be pleasing to those with discriminating tastes —

Pelikan Fountain Pen M605 Green / White - This 2021 Special Edition has white parts made of high-quality resin that is first turned and then polished to a high sheen. The white-and-green striped barrel is made of cellulose acetate that was very carefully manufactured and turned into a sleeve.

Pilot Fountain Pen Custom Heritage Green / Marble - This 2022 Special Edition possesses a stunning and vibrant marble-patterned resin body that lends sophistication to your writing experience. Every single pen is one-of-a-kind because no two marbling patterns are the same.

Faber-Castell Fountain Pen E-Motion Pure Silver - This writing instrument captivates with its characteristic, dynamic silhouette. With its reduced look and cool feel, E-Motion Pure Silver proves its potential to become a timeless classic.

J Herbin Ink Bottle 50ml 350th Anniversary Ink Vert Atlantide - This elegant, deep green ink features delicate flecks of both silver and gold pigment, creating a luxurious sheen and subtle shade variation as you write.

Robert Oster Ink Bottle 50ml Regular Greens - Inspired by the rich scenery and culture of Australia, Robert Oster inks are available in a stunning selection of vibrant and contemplative colors.


Hufflepuff House

Helga Hufflepuff harnessed the power of community when she established this House. The yellow-and-black Badger insignia astutely represents the Earth element embodied in its members. With value placed predominantly on loyalty, hard work, dedication, and integrity, it is no wonder that this House evokes the ethos of working together for the common good. Although they have proven themselves essential to the cause, their unprepossessing nature often gives them the impression of being naive, with low self-esteem and lack of ambition. Cedric Diggory and Newt Scamander are among those who have shown how heroic these quiet Hufflepuffs can be.

For those of us who are down-to-earth, here are some sublime suggestions —

Narwhal Fountain Pen Nautilus Cephalopod Black - This one features an elegant black ebonite cap and body accented with ion-finished black trims. The most distinct feature of this model is Narwhal's proprietary ink window with three intricate ink windows carved on the barrel of the pen.

Platinum Fountain Pen #3776 Century Black - With its innovative spin on traditional design, this pen’s Slip-and-Seal cap solves the major concern of all fountain pens, which is dryness over time. The ink smoothly flows from the pen onto the paper creating the perfect touch, and its form is specifically designed to be comfortably used by all writers.

Tailored Pen Company Fountain Pen Dare to Dream - This Limited Edition 2022 Endless Exclusive is inspired by the Monarch Caterpillar — using an original pen blank from Tailored Pen Company, made with swirls of yellow, black, and white. The nib features a leaf engraving with little caterpillar bites.

Colorverse Ink Bottle 65ml+15ml Artist Edition AE Check & Shading - All inks are made of premium quality colorants that offer an array of crisp, clear colors. These plant-based materials provide a safe ink to be used on your most favorite fountain pens. The alcohol- and chemical-free ingredients ensure that you are using safe and reliable inks without any unpleasant odors.

Sailor Ink Bottle 50ml Manyo Yamabuki - Manyosyu, the inspiration behind this ink series, is often regarded in Japan as a true expression of the Japanese spirit. The themes of the poems relate to love, elegies, celebrations, family matters, traveling, the passage of the four seasons, and nature. Flowers are especially relevant in Japanese culture and about 1,500 of the poems cover some 160 species of plants and 50 different flowers.


Ravenclaw House

Rowena Ravenclaw founded this House to gather young wizards with the love for learning. With the emblem of a bronze-feathered Eagle in a blue shield, its members signify their affinity for the Air element in the infinite expanse of the sky and the keen creature that rules it. Ravenclaws are known for their curiosity, wisdom, creativity, and individuality. This is sometimes tempered though by their potential to be disconnected, haughty, and self-isolating. Luna Lovegood, Garrick Ollivander, and Gilderoy Lockhart are some of the prominent Ravenclaws who epitomized the spectrum of personalities belonging to this House.

For those who desire to be inspired, here are a fellow Ravenclaw’s preferences —

The Good Blue Fountain Pen R615 Summer Series Summer Blue - This is a 2022 Special Edition which features a bright cerulean blue barrel and cap with a brass grip section. The feed design is fine-tuned to bring you two options — an efficient and reliable injection-molded plastic feed and a polymer version for wetter ink flow. The pen’s center of gravity sits in the brass grip section to allow a neutral balance and better control of writing pressure when flexing the nib.

Kilk Fountain Pen Epigram Blue and Brown - This series is inspired by inscriptions on tablets, and manufactured in three different swirling patterns imitating marble. The Kilk design team always considers these four elements — aesthetics, ergonomics, reliability, and meaning when designing these pens.

Kaweco Fountain Pen Special Brass - This minimalistic pen made of aluminum in an octagonal eight-point format. The high-quality aluminum gives this writing instrument its special feel, and the silk-gloss surface underlines its simplicity. With a diameter of 10 mm, the fountain pen lies comfortably in the hand.

Sailor Ink Bottle 50ml Pigment Seiboku - This moderately saturated blue-black ink is a favorite of artists for its water resistance and smooth flow.

Pilot Ink Bottle 50ml Iroshizuku Syo-ro - This ink series is inspired by the natural scenery in Japan. With its nuanced, teal-leaning hue inspired by Dew on Pine Tree, this interesting ink is well-behaved and saturated enough to be used everyday.


Parting Words

Harry Potter and his story has become a beacon that lights up our own dreams and aspirations in life - to discover our own strengths and rise beyond our weaknesses, to keep our hearts and minds open to the magic within us and around us, and ultimately become our own heroes. May you honor this day with your own brand of wizardry.



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