Beyond Basic: Sailor Lecoule / Power Stone Series in Garnet

The Lecoule line is Sailor Pen Company’s answer to better entry-level fountain pens. Made from fundamental materials, it is more affordable at less than $30, as compared to other models of the brand. The pen’s overall design is simpler as well, focusing more on functionality than a more luxurious aesthetic. I think the Lecoule pen was conceptualised for first-time users such as students, or those who’d like to experience Sailor’s craftsmanship without committing to a pricier pen.

The Power Stone Series consists of five pens inspired by precious gemstones that each hold a unique symbolism. As such, the different finishes lend a more opulent quality to the pens in this series. The Garnet (passion, faithfulness, and victory) pen has a deep, wine-red colour with a subtle iridescence that befits the gem’s namesake. It is a flat-top pen with a body made of resin, weighing 12 grams. It measures about 12 cms capped, 11 cms uncapped, and 14 cms posted. These make it quite portable, and might feel better posted or in smaller hands. It sports a screw cap with simple chrome fittings, lacking the Sailor anchor design on the finial. The pen comes in a sturdy cardboard box protected by a sleeve. Two Sailor proprietary cartridges in black ink are included.

There are physical similarities between the Lecoule and ProGear Slim pens, with the main difference being the nibs. Given that the Lecoule only has the steel medium-fine or MF nib available, some users initially argued that it is still a bit pricier than expected for a beginner pen. Writing with the pen, I think, addresses this issue. Straight out of the box, this pen lays down a consistent, fairly wet line akin to a Western fine. I used Diamine Aurora Borealis for this review, just to see if the pen works well with another ink brand. Reverse writing is also possible, producing a finer line without the usual scratchiness seen in other pens. I appreciate the feedback from the nib; it feels like I’m writing with a pencil and helps me be more mindful of my handwriting. The nib is unadorned, aside from the Sailor anchor engraved over the letters MF.

The Sailor Lecoule Garnet is a mighty little pen. It is light and portable, making it ideal for everyday carry, especially for those with smaller hands. This particular finish combined with understated lines makes the pen more stylish and contemporary. The hidden gem is the nib, which offers a wonderful writing experience. This pen is a good representative of the brand: a blend of modern, youthful design and traditional build quality. I highly recommend it not just for beginners, but also for those who have been curious about Sailor pens and would like to test the waters first.



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