Believe in the Ink - 4 Reasons Why Fountain Pens Make a Great Writing Tool

Ernest Hemingway. Sylvia Plath. Mark Twain. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Being great writers isn't the only common characteristic they share; they were also avid fans of their fountain pens – the tool that allowed them to morph their imaginations into formidable written expression. And why not? There is no greater satisfaction than when a metallic nib glides on a smooth surface and the ink flows through to the paper to leave its eternal mark.

As technology continues to immerse itself deep into our everyday lives, let us take a moment to remember the beauty in simplicity - the fountain pen as an exceptional writing tool, even in today’s digital takeover.

Versatility of Style

From a multitude of sizes and girths to a variety of aesthetical designs, you can choose a fountain pen that fits in your hand like a glove. Whatever your preferences are, you can find a writing pal that’s made just for you. Fountain pens are also a style statement and they basically speak of your fine taste in life.

Nibs & Colors

Different nibs provide a different writing experience, and you can choose the type of feel you prefer. From thin nibs that deliver a sophisticated writing feel, to thicker variants that are better for calligraphic writing style, you can pick your perfect companion. The availability of fabulous and lavishing colored inks as well means you have a choice to pick the shade that mirrors your writing best.


Undoubtedly Ergonomic

Fountain pens rely on a smooth flow of ink through their nibs. It means that instead of forcing words onto the paper, you only have to guide your hand through the motion. That puts little to no pressure on your joints enabling you to pen down your thoughts and ideas for longer hours with less hand fatigue.



Handwritten Creativity

Fountain pens use a water-based variant that doesn’t stay on the surface but rather gets absorbed into the paper. This leaves a far more in-depth imprint on the paper that has its own aesthetic elegance.

This effortless flow of the ink is another reason why the fountain pen is a great tool if you want to improve your handwriting, or perhaps learn different calligraphy styles as well.


What are you waiting for?

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