Anderillium Spirula Green

Anderillium is one of the newest brands to hit the fountain pen market in the past few months. They produce a wide range of fountain pen inks, all with a marine theme to them. I have had the pleasure of getting to use two of these fascinating inks, and one of them will be reviewed today. The ink in question is Anderillium’s very own Spirula Green ink! It is a beautiful apple green that really pops on the page. Continue reading to get an in-depth look at Anderillium Spirula Green!


Spirula Green is a lovely green ink with very little shading or sheen. Normally, having very little shading or sheen would be perceived as a bad thing. In this case, though, I think it is just perfect. That’s because it allows the ink to show off its true color, giving the viewer a great opportunity to admire this green, unobstructed by changes in saturation or color. It’s a fairly true green, in the same range as Pilot Iroshizuku Shin Ryoku, but it leans a bit more on the yellow side than Shin Ryoku. Like I said before, Spirula Green is the perfect apple green ink.


Spirula Green is a wet ink that flows insanely well. If you like wet inks, then this is the one for you. It is the wettest ink I’ve ever used, making extremely feedbacky (on the verge of scratchy) nibs as smooth as butter. The one downside of an extremely wet ink like Spirula Green is that it turns fine and medium nibs into broad nibs. The flow is so generous with this ink that it has turned my fine Pelikan M600 into what can only be described as a pure broad nib. If you’re like me, you will love that property of the ink. Fat lines are my jam, but it should be noted, seeing as some people expect a fine nib to write a fine line. With this ink, you will get no fine lines.


Being a student who is constantly taking quick notes during lectures, a broad nib really helps keep the shakiness out of my writing, making it easier to read. This ink comes in handy for that exact reason. Paired with my fine Pelikan M600, they are perfect for each other. That pairing has become my go-to when taking notes in APUSH.


All in all, Anderillium Spirula Green fountain pen ink is a must have in any pen collector’s ink hoard. While the wetness may put some off, I think it is an ink property worth giving a shot, just as much as shading, sheen, and shimmer. Who knows, you may end up loving that property and buying the whole Anderillium line of marine-inspired inks! If you’ve already taken the plunge, let me know in the comments below!



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Written by Arlo Palmer,
of @palmerspens on Instagram

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