Why Are Fountain Pens Better?

Most of us grew up using ballpoint pens. These convenient writing instruments are safe, familiar, and easy to use. You can get them practically anywhere, and you can easily replace them when needed. There is also an endless array of ballpoint pen options that you can choose from, making them extremely versatile for every writing need.


So why write with a fountain pen? 


It can be intimidating to explore a more complex writing tool. If you’ve ever been curious about fountain pens but perhaps feel safer with ballpoint or rollerball options, then this article is for you. Each type of pen has its own advantages, but as any fountain pen user will tell you, the fountain pen is superior in many ways.


Here are some reasons why fountain pens are better.

1. They are more comfortable to use

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Fountain pens are designed to glide effortlessly across paper with minimal pressure, giving you a more comfortable writing experience. By using water-based inks and having a wider barrel, fountain pens are much easier to hold and write with for longer periods. Ballpoint pens use a thick, viscous, oil-based ink that requires some pressure when writing. This can lead to fatigue and cramping eventually.


2. Fountain pens are more customizable

Fountain pens are very customizable and can fit any writing style. Whether you want thinner lettering or some line variation, there’s usually no need to buy a new pen — simply swap out the nibs. There are so many different types of nibs, from extra fine to broad or even stub, oblique, or music nibs. You can even have your nib ground and polished with the help of a nibmeister to create your perfect pen. Fountain pens also have an endless selection of ink options that you can choose from. 


3. They are far more interesting 

From an aesthetic viewpoint, fountain pens are just so much more interesting, especially in a world full of ballpoint, gel, and rollerball pens. The nib is something to marvel at, but the rest of the pen is usually beautifully designed as well. If you have a vintage fountain pen, then its wow factor goes up because of the pen’s history. Fountain pens also hold a certain mystique and elegance to them that ballpoint or rollerball pens can’t quite imitate.


4. Fountain pens are environmentally friendly

If maintained and cared for properly, a fountain pen can last a lifetime. It can even be passed down from generation to generation! This makes them far more environmentally friendly than ballpoint pens, which are usually disposed of once they have been used up. Most ballpoints are usually made of plastic as well, making them difficult to recycle and contributors to pollution.


If you are using bottled ink for your fountain pens instead of cartridges, then you are further reducing your environmental impact. All you would be throwing away is your empty ink bottle, which can be recycled. Fountain pen ink also lasts much longer than ballpoint refills.


5. They are beautiful writing instruments

Fountain pens are not just practical writing tools; they are also works of art. If you’re a writing enthusiast and want a pen that looks elegant and sophisticated, then consider getting yourself a fountain pen. There are many models to choose from, and popular brands like Pilot and LAMY have many beginner-friendly options. Fountain pens can also be thought of as valuable and possessions that have a deep personal connection with you as a writing enthusiast. Collecting fountain pens is quite common due to this connection, a sense of history, and simply because it is a pleasurable experience. 


The Bottom Line

So, are fountain pens really much better than their ballpoint, rollerball, and gel pen counterparts? We would argue that, in several aspects, fountain pens do indeed have an advantage. It all comes down to personal preference, but it’s always great to try something new and interesting to see what you find. 


Happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

Author: RamonaTutorial

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