Are Rollerball Pens Better Than Ballpoint?

The pens we choose to write with on a daily basis are usually dependent on two things: convenience and personal preference. Most of us need something that works so we can grab it and go for our everyday errands. Even writing enthusiasts, who put plenty of thought into the pens that they use, might need something more quick and convenient. This is usually where the ballpoint and rollerball pens step in.


But what is the main difference between these two very similar pens? Here, we’ll talk a little bit about each one and whether rollerballs are, indeed, better than the more popular ballpoint option.


Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoints are the most commonly used pens around today. Their popularity and versatility are both thanks to their oil-based ink, which writes smoothly and dries quickly. This makes them perfect for everyday writing without worrying about drying times or smudging. 


Ballpoint pens are also made of sturdy materials, so they’re easy to toss in your bag or pencil case without too much worry. If you need something for daily note-taking that won’t break the bank, the LAMY Logo M+ is a great option. For something a bit more premium, the same brand also offers the LAMY 2000 ballpoint with an iconic and masterful design dating back to the 1960s. 

One small downside of using ballpoint pens is that they require more effort and pressure to write with. This can lead to hand fatigue and cramps. If you find that it can be a bit uncomfortable to write with ballpoint pens for long periods, then it may be good to consider a rollerball.


Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens are sometimes called the perfect sweet spot between a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen. While it uses the same ball-bearing tip mechanism of a ballpoint pen, a rollerball uses liquid or gel ink that allows for a smoother writing experience.


Rollerballs like the Kaweco Classic Sport create strong, bold lines due to the ink types they use. Like fountain pens, there is also a nearly endless range of colors and ink styles that can be used in rollerball pens. This is thanks to the water-soluble dyes that can handle heavier pigments. Whether you like plain black or blue ink or want some glitter in your writing, rollerballs are an excellent option.

Are rollerballs better than ballpoints?

Ultimately, both rollerballs and ballpoints are easy and convenient for daily use. Both pens feature a similar ink delivery system but differ greatly in the writing experience. Ballpoint pens use ink that dries almost instantly, so it’s great for people who need to scribble or jot down quick notes. Rollerballs take a little while longer to dry because of the water-based ink.


In terms of how it feels to write with these pens, many writers may notice that ballpoint pens feel scratchier because of the slower ink delivery. Rollerballs have a better-flowing and less viscous ink that feels smoother on paper. However, it also means that rollerballs run out of ink more quickly than ballpoints.


When it comes to storage, rollerball inks can leak if left uncapped. They may also dry out if left open for too long. Since ballpoint pens have thicker ink that doesn’t pass the ball in the nib as easily, they do not have this issue as often.


Left-handed writers may find ballpoint pens to be a better option for them because the rollerball ink may be prone to smudging. Ballpoint pens are also great for filling out forms because they don’t bleed through paper. However, rollerballs are a better choice for letter writing and other creative endeavors because of the vivid lines that they produce. 


So, are rollerballs better than ballpoints? It really depends on your needs and preferences, some of which we have outlined above. We also talk about the history and invention of fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball pens if you want to know more about which writing instrument will suit you best. You can find many quality ballpoint and rollerball pens from brands like Pilot, Parker, and even Montblanc


Happy writing! 



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

Author: RamonaTutorial

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