How To Store Fountain Pens

There comes a point in any fountain pen collector’s journey when they have to consider one very important thing: storage. Whether you have one or a hundred fountain pens, proper storage is crucial. It keeps your writing instruments safe and in tip-top shape, which preserves their performance and longevity for many years to come.


Some people may not be as familiar with the general guidelines and tips for proper storage. Here, we take you through the basics of keeping your fountain pens kept safely. 


Why is proper storage important? 

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Proper storage is an essential part of fountain pen care and maintenance. Keeping your pens the wrong way can cause damage to different parts of the pen, such as when the ink dries up. Pens stored on the nib can also hurt the nib over time. Aside from that, factors such as temperature, humidity, and even movement when traveling can impact your pen’s health and performance. 


Basics of fountain pen storage

Generally, it is best to store your pens in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. High temperatures can affect the material your pen is made of, and it can also damage the ink inside your pen. A warm pen will cause the air inside the cartridge to expand, causing leaks.  


Fountain pen position

Your pen’s position also matters when it is in storage. When inked, it is best to keep the pen in a horizontal position. This keeps the nib wet but also prevents gravity from pulling all of the ink into the feed, nib, and cap. Storing your pen horizontally prevents problems like leakage, and your pen is ready to write as soon as it’s taken out of storage. 


If you prefer to store it vertically, be sure that the nib is pointing up. Once again, this is to avoid issues such as leaking and clogging since gravity is pulling the ink all the way to the back of the pen. The only drawback is that it may take a bit of time for your pen to write after you take it out of storage, but it should only take a few seconds for the ink to flow into the feed and the nib. 


Positioning your pen nib-down while it is inked can cause some issues, such as pooling of ink, leakage, clogs, and overall damage to the nib. If this has happened to you in the past, you can learn about how to unclog your fountain pens in one of our articles.  


Storage while traveling

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There are also proper ways of storing your pens while traveling. To prevent spills, leaks, or any damage to the pen or your things, we recommend using a storage case like a vegan leather fountain pen case from Shibui. In this case, it’s best to ensure that your ink reservoir is completely empty or filled all the way up to minimize spillage. 


How long can I store my fountain pens?

How long you store your fountain pens depends on your usage. For those who write often but need to store their fountain pens for a few days, it is not necessary to empty the reservoir. However, it is highly recommended to clean the nib. This prevents ink from drying up on the nib or running into the cap. 


Fountain pens with ink can be stored for up to two weeks maximum, while those kept vertically with the nib up can be stored that way for one month. 


Uninked pens, whether horizontally or vertically, can be stored for up to a year without usage. 


Where should I store my fountain pens? 

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When storing fountain pens on your desk, a sturdy pen holder should do the trick. Remember to keep your pen upright with the nib facing up.  If you don’t have a proper pen holder, then a glass or a cup should work just as well. 


Those who prefer to keep just one pen in view can invest in a single pen holder. 


However, if you’re starting to collect more than a few pens, then we highly recommend buying proper storage drawers such as the ones offered by brands like Pelikan. These are a little pricier than most storage options, but they are made with premium materials that will keep your pens safe with ample room for storage. The Pelikan Collector’s Box, for example, has trays completely covered with faux leather to prevent your fountain pens from getting scratched.  


You can, of course, make a more budget-friendly alternative by buying a set of wooden or acrylic drawers and purchasing the inner trays separately. As long as your pens are kept in the right position and away from harmful elements such as fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and sunlight, your storage solution should be just right. 


And there you have it! Storing your fountain pens is actually much simpler than it may initially seem. Take care of it like you would any valuable possession, and it will continue to perform well for many years to come. 



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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@Ann Linsky Hi there! Personally, I love the pen boxes from !!! Such beautiful craftsmanship. I purchased their 100 pen box. And it is surprisingly light but also durable. It also does not take up too much space! I do hope that EndlessPens will stock them one day. They are excellent! I hope this helps ◡̈

Ann Linsky

I have been collecting for over 30 years and have accumulated over 350 pens. I used to use wooden, glass topped boxes that held 24 pens. Can you imagine how much room they took up? I had 12 of them in my bedroom, but I even outgrew them. I found a beautiful box that held 150 pens but then the company went out of business and I couldn’t get any more. I have tried ebay and any other places I could think of, but no luck. Can you please give me any ideas where to get large wood boxes? I would even pay someone to make one. I love my pens and want to be able to see them, but having 24 on the top shelf where 12 should be is not good for the pens. I am so frustrated I could use any advice you can give me. Thank you so much for your time.

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