Best Gold Fountain Pen Inks

Some of the best fountain pen inks are dependable and suitable for everyday writing. Whether you prefer blacks, blues, or even dark reds, there’s a color out there for everyone. 


However, many writers eventually reach the point where other more interesting inks become more appealing. Such inks may not be as practical for journaling, note-taking, or other daily uses. However, they are great for decorative projects, doodling, or simply for the thrill of discovering a new ink. 


Given that, every collection can benefit from having a beautiful bottle of gold fountain pen ink. No other color can quite mimic the luxuriousness and allure of this precious metal’s hue. 


Here are the best gold fountain pen inks that you can try. 


Diamine Golden Sands

It is difficult to think of a gold fountain pen ink without imagining a bit of shimmer. In the case of Diamine Golden Sands fountain pen ink, golden glitter and sparkles are everything. This is a beautiful yellow-amber ink with suspended golden particles. When wet, it looks more like caramelized sugar, but once it dries, it resembles a sparkly beach during the summer. 


When using this ink, it’s important to remember that agitation is key to getting the full shimmering effect. Apart from the obvious shimmer, there is also plenty of shading that shows up in writing, especially when used with broader nibs. Like many Diamine inks, Golden Sands leans a bit wet and writes quite well. Practicing good pen hygiene is essential with shimmer inks, so keep this in mind.


Pelikan Edelstein Golden Beryl

Another golden ink that has plenty of shading and shimmer is Pelikan’s Edelstein Golden Beryl. The light yellow-orange color gives an effect that is reminiscent of ornamental writing in ancient manuscripts. It can range from a light yellow to a much darker yellow-orange. This ink would best be used for decorative writing, such as calligraphy. 


It’s best to use Golden Beryl in broad nibs to get the best shading and shimmering effects. It can also be used with smaller nibs, provided that the pen is a wet writer. If you prefer more orange tones to your golden inks, then this is a great option for you.


Robert Oster Heart of Gold

Inks from the Robert Oster brand are known for their incredible variety of colors, well-behaved characteristics, and ease of use. Heart of Gold is no exception. It is a beautiful bright gold with a lot of golden shimmer. Those who want a true gold hue with little to no shading will enjoy this fountain pen ink. 


This ink performs quite well, with no feathering and little to no bleeding on flex nibs using thinner paper (such as Tomoe River 52 gsm). Although there is plenty of shimmer in this ink, it is well lubricated and flows smoothly even in pens with finer nibs. It helps to rotate your fountain pen every so often to keep the particles in suspension. Overall, the ink has a wet flow with no clogging and lays down beautiful golden lines.


J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie

The only ink on this list without shimmer, J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie can be described as a beautiful deep yellow-gold that closely resembles an ochre color. This is a great option for those who want a gold ink that isn’t too bright yellow, orange, or mustard in color. 


In finer nibs, this ink appears to be more of a yellow gold. Using it in wider nibs such as those found in calligraphy pens results in a deeper gold color with some shading. One of the great things about this ink is that it dries quickly, so there’s no need to wait before you turn pages. For gold lovers, this makes for a beautiful daily ink to use. 


Robert Oster Aussie Liquid Gold

Most gold inks have yellow or golden shimmering particles. Robert Oster’s Aussie Liquid Gold stands out because it has silver shimmer, adding a unique dimension to the ink.


Aussie Liquid Gold performs much like Heart of Gold, with good flow and lubrication. There is a bit of show through on thinner papers but no feathering or bleeding. If you’re looking for a gold ink that has a cooler tone to it, then this would be the one to get. While Robert Oster Heart of Gold might be more appropriate for the holidays, Aussie Liquid Gold has a spring or summer feel to it. 


Shimmering or not, golden inks are a beautiful addition to any collection. Inks in this shade will certainly add a touch of magic, not just to the paper you write on, but for your overall writing experience.



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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