Best Fountain Pens For Shimmering Ink

Writing with shimmering inks is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable aspects of writing with fountain pens. Fountain pen inks that sheen, shimmer, and have shading add a more beautiful dimension to your writing, whether it’s a letter, a journal entry, or simply your to-do list.


However, writing with such inks can also be a double-edged sword. You may get beautiful, glistening words written down on a page, but shimmering inks can also cause some trouble and clog your fountain pens. Fortunately, some pens are better designed for writing with shimmer inks than others. Here are some of the fountain pens for shimmering ink that you can try for smoother flow and better writing:


1. TWSBI Diamond 580AL

This popular demonstrator from TWSBI is known for its reliability, even when it comes to shimmering inks. It’s best when used with the broad nib or the 1.1 mm nib size to lay down plenty of shimmer as you write with your ink. Such nib sizes are ideal for these types of inks because the particles don’t easily get stuck. It’s also nice to have a demonstrator so you can see if the shimmering particles have settled and need a bit of movement to flow again.


2. Sailor 1911S Demonstrator

Another demonstrator on this list is the Sailor 1911 Standard fountain pen. Many Sailor pens perform quite well with various shimmering inks, even when using a fine, medium fine, or medium nib. But of course, if you want more shimmer as you write, then choosing a broad nib would be ideal. Take great care when cleaning your 14k nib of shimmer and make sure to thoroughly (but gently) flush your pen out regularly. 


3. Platinum Preppy

The Platinum Preppy is not only a great beginner pen for first-time fountain pen users. It is also a good option to try if you’re experimenting with shimmering inks. The Preppy tends to write very wet, and you may get good results with shimmer even when using extra fine nibs. However, it can be difficult to clean the shimmer out of the feed when you disassemble the pen, so do keep that in mind. For the price point, this is a great choice.


4. Platinum 3776

Many writers have had success with the Platinum 3776 Century fountain pen for shimmering inks, particularly starting with the medium-sized nib. It doesn’t necessarily have the wettest flow or the broadest nib, but this pen model’s feed channel is large enough and provides a consistent flow without being too dry. You can fully disassemble this pen to clean every component and ensure no shimmer particles get stuck in the feed and nib.


5. Pilot Kakuno

Another excellent budget-friendly option fountain pen to use with shimmering inks is the Pilot Kakuno. As always, using a broader nib will help the shimmer show up a little better, alongside the shading and sheening properties if the ink has them. The Kakuno is lightweight, so fountain pen users will enjoy it for longer writing sessions. When writing with any nib size, it’s best to use fountain pen-friendly paper so that the ink shows up well. 


Not all inks shimmer the same way 

Choosing your shimmering ink can also be a significant factor in how well your fountain pens write. For instance, J. Herbin shimmering inks are a popular option because they flow well in most fountain pens. The shimmer may sometimes build up in the feed, but it is generally easy to clean out of a pen.


Other brands like Diamine have much more shimmer or larger particles that can clog pens more easily. While it won’t technically damage the pen, it may be more difficult if your pen cannot be easily disassembled. It might also take longer and more effort to clean the particles out of your feed and nib.


In short, your mileage may vary when it comes to which shimmering ink and fountain pen combination you use. It also always helps to observe best practices in fountain pen maintenance and cleaning, especially when using shimmering inks. 


Happy inking and happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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