Best Fountain Pens for Lefties

Being a left-handed person in a right-handed world can be challenging, and this is particularly true when it comes to writing. Using fountain pens can be especially tough for lefties. From smudging ink everywhere to pushing the nib across the page instead of letting it glide, it may seem that fountain pens just aren’t built for left-handed folk. 


Luckily, some brands have started to offer more left-handed-friendly fountain pens. They’ve considered factors such as ink flow, nib design, and even the grip to cater to the needs of lefties. If you’re left-handed and have trouble with finding just the right fountain pen, then look no further: here are some of our favorite best fountain pens for lefties.


What makes a great left-handed fountain pen?

Before diving into the list, let’s talk about what makes a great left-handed fountain pen. There are several things you should consider as a leftie choosing the right fountain pen for you.


Grip. If possible, opt for a pen with an ergonomic grip. These grips are often wide and specifically designed to alleviate the stress on your hand as you write. Good grips will also naturally alter your usual pen-holding style and use the natural weight of your hand to write rather than grip strength.


The nib. Left-handed writers will usually feel more feedback than usual when they write. This is because they push rather than pull the nib across the page. Sometimes this can lead to a scratchy and uncomfortable writing experience. To prevent this, using a left-handed nib that is cut in the opposite direction is the best option. 


However, not all fountain pen brands manufacture these types of nibs. Instead, try to avoid extra-fine nibs since they have less tipping material, resulting in more feedback. Broader nibs have a larger surface area that comes into contact with the paper and may be easier to write with.


Quick drying ink. While this isn’t part of the fountain pen itself, having a quick-drying fountain pen ink is especially helpful in preventing smearing or smudging as you write. Try LAMY Blue fountain pen ink or J. Herbin Cacao du Brésil, both of which are great fast-drying inks that you can use as a left-handed fountain pen user.


Now, onto the fountain pens themselves:


LAMY Safari

The ever-reliable LAMY Safari fountain pen is a great option for most fountain pen users, but it is especially helpful for lefties. Its modern look is not just for aesthetics. The grip section is specifically designed in a triangular shape to encourage the proper way to hold fountain pens. 


Even better is that this fountain pen comes with LAMY’s left-handed nib. It has a slightly oblique tip that is suitable for the angle used by most left-handed writers.


Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo

What’s great about the Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo fountain pen is that it offers a smooth writing experience regardless of which of its four nibs you choose. It is especially good for left-handed writers with an overwriters’ grip as they won’t experience skipping or smudging. 


While the extra fine nib provides a good amount of feedback, it may be too much for a leftie. Try their medium nibs for less feedback and a smoother glide. This fountain pen comes with a cartridge and converter, so you can choose quick-drying inks to go with your pen.


Kaweco Perkeo

Kaweco often comes in colorful ranges and offers something suitable for every writer. This fountain pen, similar to the LAMY Safari, has a triangular grip section. The difference is that it is a bit less pronounced, making it easy for those who are still adjusting their grip. 


The Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen is suitable for lefties who want more control in their lines. If you choose the fine nib, you’ll definitely get a tighter and drier 0.5mm line on paper. Despite that, this pen also works well with shimmer inks if you want something with more oomph while you’re writing.


The Bottom Line

Writing can be challenging for left-handed writers, but with the right fountain pen, it can still be a highly enjoyable experience. Fountain pens are for everybody who loves to write, lefties included!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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Joe Hoenig

Good morning….
As a lefty considering a second look at fountain pens, I’m still a bit confused. I’ve seen recommendations for a left-handed nib, as well as for medium or fine right-handed nibs. For example, should I choose the Lamy with a lefty nib, the Pelicans Jr,—also with a lefty nib, or the Pilot Namiki vanishing point, with a righty nib but in fine? I’ve also seen many good recommendations for fast-drying ink, but am unclear whether such ink is only available in bottles, or is also available in cartridge form.

I’m open to a certain degree of experimentation, cost permitting, but if you could give me a reasonable starting point, that would be very helpful.

Thank you,



boy you got it right about the fast drying ink. I have made a mess out of my nicest written letters because it was a little cool in my office in the morning and the ink didn’t dry and I moved my hand the wrong way just once.
THanks for addressing all our lefty issues!

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