Best Entry-Level Gold Nibbed Fountain Pen

Purchasing a fountain pen with a gold nib is a serious investment. It can cost significantly more than a similar pen with a steel nib, and some gold nibs can cost up to hundreds of dollars on their own. So how do you know where to start if you’re contemplating buying one for yourself? 

Luckily, there are entry-level gold-nibbed fountain pens that are available on the market at price points that won’t break the bank. Here are some of the ones we recommend:


Pilot Custom 74

If you’re a fan of classically designed fountain pens, then the Custom 74 from Pilot is definitely for you. It comes in a traditional cigar shape with rounded ends. The design is a bit more modern since the barrel is a bit translucent and comes in fun colors, such as blue, red, and teal. The 14k gold nib writes with a glassy smooth texture and provides a softer and bouncier feel than some other gold-nibbed pens, like Sailor. The pen also feels lightweight in the hand, so it might not be for those who want a weightier option. Overall, this is an excellent gold-nibbed pen to start with if you don’t have one yet in your collection.


Sailor ProGear Slim

Sailor as a brand has put out many different-sized pens, from the King of Pen line to the 1911 standard and large models. Those who have smaller hands or simply want a slimmer and more compact pen will enjoy the ProGear Slim line. You get a fountain pen that weighs just under 20 grams and is just under 5 inches long when capped. This makes it great for writing posted or unposted, depending on your preference. The 14k gold nib is everything you would expect from one manufactured by Sailor: wonderfully smooth with just a touch of feedback to remind you that you’re writing on the page. It performs well with wetter, more lubricated inks. You’ll get an incredible writing experience out of this smaller fountain pen for sure.


LAMY Studio

Many fountain pen enthusiasts would recommend the LAMY 2000 for a first-time gold-nib user, but there is another model from this brand that is often overlooked: the LAMY Studio. This model feels excellent in the hand and has a decent weight to it. The 14 karat bi-colored nib has a bouncier feel to it, especially when compared to its steel counterpart. The design makes it a perfect pen for professionals as it is sleek and polished. While it may not be the top-of-mind model for LAMY gold-nibbed starter pens, it is definitely a contender at a great price point. 


Pilot E95S

The second Pilot pen on this list, the E95S was modeled after the Japanese pocket pens of the 1960s. They were meant to be short when capped and full-sized when posted, not unlike the idea behind the ProGear Slim from Sailor. This unique pen has an inset 14k gold nib, which is hard enough to be a practical, smooth writer, but there is some springiness to it that gives it more life than a standard steel nib. It writes with a beautiful balance of smoothness, wetness, and feedback that gives the user a great writing experience. If you’re looking for a reliable Pilot fountain pen with a gold nib for a very decent price, then this is a great option.


Platinum 3776 Century

Writers who prefer crisp and clean lines will not go wrong with choosing the ever-famous Platinum 3776 Century fountain pen. It is one of the most lightweight pens on this list, with a springy and soft nib that creates beautiful fine lines with a bit of flex, especially when pressure is applied on the downstroke. The pen is quite well-balanced despite its lightness. You can expect a solid performance from this pen without it drying up on you thanks to the Slip and Seal mechanism that Platinum fountain pens are known to have. If you’re a fan of precise lines with a bit of give to your nib and a lightweight yet balanced writing experience, then this is the entry-level gold-nibbed fountain pen for you. 


The Bottom Line

Starting your journey with gold-nibbed fountain pens doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems. The quality of the pens on this list just goes to show how you can enjoy a next-level fountain pen with a gold nib without breaking the bank. Enjoy the soft, springy feel of a beautifully-tuned gold-nibbed fountain pen, and witness how your writing experience is elevated as a result. 

Happy writing!

Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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