Best A4 Notebooks and Notepads For Fountain Pens

Having an easy-to-carry notebook is important to any fountain pen owner. Whether you’re journaling away in a cafe or sketching scenes in front of you, a notebook is a must to accompany your prized writing instrument.


However, not everybody wants their notebook to be pocket-sized. Many writers love A5 or A6 notebooks, but some may need their writing surface to be even bigger. If you’re the type of writer that needs a bit of extra real-estate for your paper, then it might be worth considering A4 notebooks.


A4 might be familiar to you as the standard copy paper size. It may seem like an unwieldy size for an everyday notebook, but those looking for larger sizes can benefit from it.


Without further ado, here are some of the best A4 notebooks for fountain pens that you can use. 


1. Rhodia N°18 Classic Pad

Rhodia is a very popular option for many fountain pen enthusiasts. This paper is produced by the Clairefontaine company with slight but distinct differences made specifically for the Rhodia brand. The paper is blank, clean, and bright, which allows different ink colors to stand out beautifully. 


The A4 sized pages on this pad are perforated and easy to tear out of the pad when needed. The cover also folds very neatly out of the way, making this notebook especially useful for lefties. The paper is thick enough at 80 gsm that you can use both sides, and it comes with 80 sheets of paper — just enough to get you through a decent amount of writing.


2. Midori Notebook

Midori notebooks may look simple, but they have some unique features that make them a great addition to any writer’s notebook collection. The notebook uses a stitch-binding method that allows it to lay completely flat while in use. This makes it much easier to write since you aren’t fighting to keep your notebook from closing. Midori notebooks also come with a nifty ribbon page marker to help you keep track of your progress in the notebook. 


The paper itself is unique and quite different from glass-smooth papers like Clairefontaine or Rhodia. Midori has the perfect balance between smoothness and a little resistance. If you find other papers too slippery, then Midori might be the notebook for you. You can also choose between blank, grid, or lined papers for your A4 notebook.


3. Graf Von Faber-Castell Linen-Bound Notebook 

Those who want a good color selection for their A4 notebooks will be pleased with the Graf Von Faber-Castell Linen-Bound Notebook selection. The linen cover for these notebooks makes it feel like an actual book rather than just a run of the mill notepad. 


When you open this notebook, the paper offers the highest writing comfort. One interesting quality this notebook has is that its paper is impervious to light, so your writing doesn’t shine through. It is slightly thicker at 100 gsm, making it perfect for wider nibs that tend to bleed through most other papers. The elaborate thread-stitching of the individual sheets also makes it extra durable, so you can open and close the notebook repetitively without it getting worn out.


4. Maruman Mnemosyne Memo Notebook

The Mnemosyne line from Maruman is known for their minimalist design and double spiral binding. The build quality of these notebooks is solid, with a sleek plastic cover to withstand plenty of wear and a back chipboard that is firm and protective. There is also a nice yellow accent on the cover and on the first page that adds a nice pop of color.


There are 70 sheets in the notebook with 80 gsm thickness, making it ideal for fountain pen users. The lined paper features a one fourth inch grid rule, and the top of each page has a small blank area for information like titles, page numbers, and others. Each page also has a micro-perforation at the top, making it easy to remove from the notebook without ugly or accidental tears.


5. Tomoe River Paper Pad

Last but not least, we have the Tomoe River Paper Pad. While this fountain pen friendly paper is a favorite amongst writing enthusiasts, it has some special characteristics that you should consider before buying it. First, Tomoe River paper (TRP) is quite thin, meaning there will be some ghosting depending on the thinness you get. At 52 gsm, TRP is some of the thinnest paper in an A4 notebook that you’ll find, but it manages to keep ghosting at a very minimal level.


However, this paper is able to withstand a great amount of ink with no feathering or bleeding. This is because it is specifically designed for fountain pen users. The surface is perfect for fountain pens to glide smoothly across for a great writing experience. This notepad is a great addition to your collection if you need A4 sized TRP at the ready on your desk.


No matter which notebook or notepad you’ll get, you can be assured of a great writing experience on a larger space.


Happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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