Troublemaker Ink Bottle (60 ml) - Mangosteen - Davao FPN-Philippines 5th Anniversary Inks - Special Edition (2024)


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The Mangosteen Ink is part of the Special Edition ink collection created by the Davao FPN-Phil Group to commemorate our 5th-year anniversary. In collaboration with TMKR Inks, we've brought this unique ink to life.

Renowned for its distinctive taste and appearance, the mangosteen fruit is commonly found in Southeast Asian countries. It thrives abundantly in the Philippines, particularly on the island of Mindanao, home to Davao City. Encased in a dark purple, almost black, thick rind lies its juicy, white, segmented flesh. Known for its delicate, sweet, and tangy flavor profile, the mangosteen is often likened to a harmonious blend of peach, citrus, and strawberry, with subtle floral notes.

Inspired by the mangosteen's rich burgundy color and deep green hues when ripe, we've crafted our shading ink. Our goal is to encapsulate the fruit's vibrant colors, invoking the sensory delight of savoring its luscious flavor with every pen stroke.

NOTE: This exclusive Mangosteen ink, specially created for the Davao FPN-Philippines group, is a limited edition product by Troublemaker Ink. We are grateful to have been granted the opportunity to offer it to our customers.

- Type: Ink Bottle
- Volume: 60ml
- Bottle Material: Plastic

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